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Gays profess support for Trump following Orlando massacre


Ck2w2CBWUAA60HnMake no mistake about it: political correctness permitted the Orlando terror attack to happen. And now, political correctness is driving gays to declare their support Donald Trump:

On Reddit, a gay man who lost a friend in the terror attack at Pulse said that he was never more ready to see Trump take office and wanted to volunteer for the billionaire’s campaign.

“I’m shaken, I’m a mess, I’m broken, but I’ve never been more determined for a leader to actually take charge and make a change, how do i get started. How do I help this man lead us into a safer country?” 4yyyy wrote.

Another gay man posted that he was gay and liberal, but had enough of political correctness and is voting for Trump for his honesty.

“Never thought this would happen, but Trump is honestly the only candidate anymore speaking his mind and not pandering for a living. I guess I’m a gay centipede?” triplebro wrote.

The political correctness coming out of the left and their ability to blame gun owners instead of radical jihadists infuriated another gay man who said he officially joined the Trump train.

“I am a gay man and this disgusting incident has persuaded me to join the Trump train!” Snowduckling wrote. “I think it’s horrible that adherents of Islam are allowed to spread their hate without any criticism and with tons of censorship. What we have clearly isn’t working and we need a change. Hillary and Sanders will just roll over and put out the welcome mat for more Islamic influence and terror. With Trump we at least stand a chance.”

The reactionary gun-bashing of the PC Left was immediate following Sunday’s horrific attack. Barack Obama still refuses to utter any form of the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” and the New York Daily News outright blamed the NRA for the massacre.

Put politely, that’s a load of crap. If you really want to place blame for this tragedy, place it on the FBI. Omar Mateen was investigated on three separate occasions by the FBI, but the investigations were prematurely and mistakenly closed because federal agents are completely ignorant to Islamic doctrine:

Former FBI Agent John Guandolo said the FBI mistakenly closed its investigation because it had no idea how to respond to jihadist threats because the bureau does not teach agents about Islamist doctrine, such as Sharia law, that is used as a guide for terrorist operations and activities.

“This investigation was closed because FBI leadership has systematically refused to look at and teach Sharia to its agents because it is getting its advice on Islam from Muslims who are hostile to us and our system of government,” Guandolo said.

[FBI Director James] Comey said the FBI would examine whether it should have handled the case differently. “So far, the honest answer is, I don’t think so,” he said.

Guandolo said the FBI director was wrong.

“Fifty Americans are dead, the FBI had the killer in their sights and let him go, and the FBI director is okay with this,” he said. “Not knowing something that is a requirement of your profession—like an FBI director not understanding that Sharia is the key to understanding the entire global war—is unprofessional.”

It’s not just unprofessional — it’s careless and deadly. And until we have an administration that’s willing to directly identify and confront the enemy — radical Islamism — more people are going to lose their lives.

  • Some one told me this was a false report.. Then l seen this.. At least Trump is NOT going to let Muslims kill no one, Not if he can help it, He will help protect all Americans..


    When Homosexual and Transgender individuals start moving to the Right, the Democrat Party might as well call it quits !

    • Robert

      I do suppose you are saying that all Gay persons or Transgender are Democratic, I did not know sexual orientation had a political preference. The Gay general I worked under in the Governmnet was as Republican as they get, he professed how good the Republican party was from day one, did not change my mind because i know there are good and bad in both parties, and I do not believe in the party phlophsy of eith party, tha tis why i am an Independent.

  • jeanette

    America was built on a Republic not a democracy. the Founding Fathers also believed in God, which islam does Not, only allah, ugh! oh and a sick moron called mohamed,

    • Robert

      I would like to enlighten you on a couple of things. Three of the founding fathers thought religion was the appitimus of man kind, there was only one church goer in the whole crowd.That is why they wrote in there Federalist Papers ad in the Constitution that there will be a seperation of church and state and no law will be made based on religion, I could be wrong but I think it was Benjamine Franklin who said that religion belongs in the house of worship and in the heart of the belivier.not in the Governmnet
      The founding fathers had seen what the church had done to the governmnet in their respective countries and wanted none of it in this countries government. I can not say what the founding fathers believed only what they wrote
      The same thing that you are saying about the Muslims in 1850 they were saying that about the Irish in the Cities of this country, no one wanted them there and they were persecuted and that is mostly what the street wars was about trying to kill the Irish.
      Spend more time reading and you could learn all this your self.

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