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Video: Why is Trump slumping in the polls?


In late May, Donald Trump eclipsed Hillary Clinton in the polls for the first time. However, over the course of the last few weeks, his poll numbers have slowly but surely declined. Why, and what can he do about it? Karl Rove discusses below.


    I’m a Trump Supporter but he has long been a victim of his own arrogance, no doubt that firing his current campaign manager at this point in his campaign was the result of this damaging personality trait ! He’s the beneficiary of an American Public that are fed up with politics as usual and the best thing he can do is just keep his mouth closed. It’s that Silent Moment pressure that compels most people to respond with defensive comments when doing so is not in their best interest ! A luxury that politicians don’t have, and that’s essentially what Karl Rove said and he’s absolutely correct !

    • ourzoo10

      Arrogance…Are You Kidding Me???? Compared to what is in there now, Trump is a Choir Boy…

  • ourzoo10

    There is nothing wrong with what Trump says or how he says it…After 7.5 years of a failed leadership, people are just so used to cowing and backing down, they fail to recognize a patriot and a leader like Trump….

    “Don’t upset ISIS and they will leave us alone”.like the mass murders in San Bernadino and Orlando….”Don’t jump to conclusions until all the facts are in”……Like with the Travon Martin case, or the professor that had to break-in to his own house….”They are ‘racists'”…As In Everyone That Disagrees With this thing in our WH…

    • Robert

      If Trump were to become President how woould he be able to work with other world leaders when he has pissed them all off with his mouthy remarks. In Politics you cn not get in someone’s face and expect a good result, You can kid your self all you want but we need other countries as bad as they need us.
      You complain about failed leadership well if that is thecase it is Congress not the Presidentthat runs the Country and if trump is elected apresident he will find that out in short order, it is called Congressional Oversight, which means the President no matteer who he is can not do anything that the majority of Congress does not want him to do. If you remember Obama was going to close GITMO within 100 days of being sworn in, well Gitmo is still open and opertional, so you see how much power the President has.
      A little knowledge is better than off the cuff rant about something that can not happen.

      • ourzoo10

        Ahhh..an Obot…How nice…

        First of all, YOUR guy has made America the laughing stock, by bowing from the waist to world leaders, and apologizing for how we have helped other countries defend themselves…..He has taken bonafid world leaders out of office through assasination by ISIS and the MB causing chaos and terrorism to grow to an astonishing level.
        Secondly, Congressional Oversight DIED the day YOUR guy took office..EO after EO even when Congress knew it was unconstitutional…to the delight of Pelousi and Reed and then Boehner…

        My “off the cuff rant” was merely quoting YOUR guy and rebuffing what he said with facts.

        • Robert


          If you think Obama is not well though about by other countries you should see the chart here,http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/06/24/7-charts-on-how-the-world-views-president-obama/
          What world leader has Obama had assinated.
          If Trump is elected President he will be doing the same thing Obama is doing, followingg Congresses orders,because Congress has the power to remove him if he does not follow the orders of the Majority of Congress
          Terrorism has grown at an astonding rate because the people who held them in check George Bush got rid of to get control of the oil in those countries, by giving Congress false information about weapons of mass destruction when the Atomic Energy commission was saying there were none there.
          So you are saying that the Republicans in Congress closed down Congressional Over sight just for Obama The republicans in Congress also looked the other way about EO.
          Then i suppose the Republican in Congress are a s guilty as Obama, because they were not doing their job either.
          I totally agree with the statement that one should not make ecisions until all the facts are in place about any happening.
          HAVE A NICE DAY

          • ourzoo10

            Republicans in Congress???? Did I say that??? No, I believe I mentioned the Commie/Dems.. Republicans in congress have only been there since 2014…guess you’ve been asleep.

            Question: What makes you think Trump will copy what oblabla has done?…he isn’t the Marxist/Socialist/Commie..

            Fact: Oblabla encouraged MB and ISIS to “take out” (kill) Mubarak of Egypt and Ghadaffi…..so the inbred, barbaric thugs of ISIS and MB could run rampant on the Christians of those countries.

            Fact: Clinton and oblabla watched real-time while Benghazi burned….Trump has already shown that he cares about our people.

          • Robert


            It is not me who is asleep. There are enough republicans in Congress to stop anything the Democrats do unless they agree with it.

            Yes Trump will do exactly what every other President since FDR has done, exactly what Congress tells him to do, nothing more nothing less. it is called Congressional Oversight,

            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congressional_oversight part of the checks and balances in our Governmnet, the President can Veto anything the Congress and Congress can stop anything the Majority of Congress does not support that the President no matter who he is tries to do.
            Your facts are totally wrong. Mubark in Egypt was taken out buy the people and the Army and him and his Sonsa re still in jail awaiting a retrial, then there was Morsi elected President who encouraged the radical group the Broterhood to expand their version of religion and then he was taken out by the Army again and is now awaiting another trial even though he has been given a death sentence for terrosist actions.
            Now BUSH took out Hussein and let the Rdicals loose and tried hard to get Gadaffi which a coalition finally did and let the Radicals loose in that country, then George Bush installed the Shites which have alwasy been considered religious Radical in power in Iraq, and they soon started killing off the Sunni, including the elected lw makers.
            It was Bush who let the radical out of the boxby killing the person Hussein who kept them in check by killing them when they crossed over the line.
            You are right Trump is nothing but a loud mouth hate spreader, just as bad as Radical religious persons just in a different way.
            It was Clinton who was at a party and could not be bothered when the Banghazi incident happened, i do agree Obama should ahve fired her right then, but as always the Clinton’s survive because they have something to hold over everyones heads tht the people do not want known.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

    • Idiot monkey

      To ourzoo10
      Even Putin said the same like you do
      I just read today . Putin said the establishment get used to the old wAys and they like it and that s what they do .
      It was interesting video , please see it .
      Go to YouTube and under trump news


    There is NOTHING wrong with what TRUMP says because it’s the TRUTH. THAT’S what they can’t stand. They can’t stand the TRUTH because they are sooooo used to LIEING and DECEIVING that the TRUTH to them is like holding up a cross into a vampire’s face. We have PATHETIC CORRUPT and ROTTEN TO THE CORE LEADERSHIP and TRUMP will change all that and THEY KNOW IT !!! It’s pretty obvious when you see that the Republicans are AGAINST their own candidate. These so called people are the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

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