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Sanders’ blind refusal to bow out could cost taxpayers over $1 million


Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is over, a fact that everyone knows except for Sanders himself. And if Sanders continues to stubbornly refuse to drop out until after the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July, his Secret Service detail could cost American taxpayers over $1 million:

NBC’s Kirsten Welker reported Tuesday on the Today Show that Sanders is facing increased scrutiny for continuing to pursue the Democratic nomination because it is costing taxpayers large sums of money, especially because Hilary Clinton is now the presumptive nominee with an insurmountable lead in delegates.

Welker described how the Secret Service is still protecting Sanders because he remains a presidential candidate, surrounding the senator as he walks through Capitol Hill and even installing a small watch station outside his home.

“Sanders’ decision to stay in the race is costing taxpayers an estimated $38,000 a day for Secret Service protection,” Welker reported. “With 35 days until the convention, that could add up to $1.3 million if Sanders goes all the way to Philadelphia.”

As a socialist, of course, Sanders is all for irresponsibly and inefficiently spending other people’s money.

  • KayO

    Bernie was too stoned to hold a job until he was 40. He’s been on the government dole ever since. He doesn’t think twice before spending others’ money.

    • RLTMLT

      A Conscientious Objector Draft Dodging Pot Smoking Liberal college student that practiced at being a hippy until he was 40. All in all the typical Democrat getting his free ride while over sixty thousand young Americans died in his place in Vietnam !

      • KayO

        Yes. It hasn’t occurred to them that they are the slave labor that will provide the next generation all of their “free stuff”. What years did you serve in Vietnam and what branch of service?

        • RLTMLT

          Air Force, 1964 – 1971, 67 – 68 in Vietnam/ Japan !


    If his staying in denies Billary enough votes to win then it’s worth every dime ! After all, the Secret Service spends that much every hour protecting Obama and he’s a Do Nothing Lame Duck who will be gone in a little over six months !

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