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Trump outlines goals for first 100 days in office


trump vDuring a speech attacking Hillary Clinton Wednesday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump outlined his goals for his first 100 days in the White House. His “America first” reforms are as follows:

• Appoint judges who will uphold the Constitution. Hillary Clinton’s radical judges will virtually abolish the 2nd amendment.

• Change immigration rules to give unemployed Americans an opportunity to fill good-paying jobs

• Stand up to countries that cheat on trade, of which there are many

• Cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas

• Lift restrictions on energy production

• Repeal and replace job-killing Obamacare — it is a disaster.

• Pass massive tax reform to create millions of new jobs.

• Impose tough new ethics rules to restore dignity to the Office of Secretary of State.

Do you agree with these goals? More importantly, do you think Trump would be able to achieve them? Comment with your thoughts below.


  • Tom Chabert

    Start to take our country back from the politicians by passing the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. The lawyers have rigged the system and driven the cost of doing business through the roof: this is another reason why companies are leaving the USA. We also need to adopt significant Tort Reform by passing “Loser Pays” like they do in the UK and other countries.

    • RLTMLT

      Unfortunately the Lawyers and the very wealthy are the only ones that can afford to run for public office. As a Democratic Republic, we should have been jolted into action when the cost of a Presidential Campaign first exceeded a Billion Dollars !

    • Robert

      Tom Chabert
      The only people who have rigged the system is the Crooked Corporations, that are so greedy they do anything to make more money, they have killed the Capitalism which flourished in this country for 200 years. The Corporations left this country for cheap labor because the only way they know how to do business is get rid of your competition then you have it ll just like the Mob back in the 20s and 30s
      If the laws and taxes make business so difficult, how come foreign corporations come here build expand and hire all the time and make great profits, the only car made in the USA is Toyota Camry, the second car that will be made in the USA will be the Subaru in 2017 when their plant is finished, Volkswagen, Scandia, and five others operate under the same rules and flourish in this country, so why can not American corporations, they can not because it is not about competition and making a better product it is about making more money and keeping it all. because they would be totally lost trying to operate a company and take care of their employees.


  • k5r4

    Totally agree with trump. It’s about time voters elected a president with common sense, says what he means, means what he says, puts Americans first & this country first. This country has too many past & current presidents who lie to the voters consistently with a straight face & do not care about the American people.

    • Robert

      I do not know what it will take make the American people understand that the President has no powers, The President can veto legislation, that is the most power he has. The Congress is the institution that runs the Country, and they make all the rules. The President once sworn in has to do what Congress tells him to do and say, it is called Congressional Oversight, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congressional_oversight That is why I do not understand why everyone blames Obama for anything that is happening, when it is Congress that is instituting everything that goes on in the Government.

      • golfnut6

        Welcome back to Earth. A lot has happened since you have been gone. Executive orders that really hurt are the rule of the day. And Congress does nothing to stop the nonsense. Congress is only focused on getting re elected. BTW, if you only watch TV here, you will think most people here are black and in charge.

        • Robert

          You do not seem to grasp the whole picture, quit looking at the nudes there are flowers and a baby lamb.
          EO is the way that congress gets stuff done that they can not get out of Committee or do not have enough votes to get it passed by vote, they go to the President and say that they want him to execute an EO or EM, and the President then sends the Vice president who is president of the Senate to find out if he has a majority of support for the EO or EM, and if he does not have the support of the majority then they tweak the EO or Em so that it now has support of the majority and then it is issued, and with majority support Congress can not stop the actions of the EO or EM they do have a single shot to sue the President which has been done 6 times in his 7.5 years.
          Every other President has done the same thing at least since FDR was in office.
          Obama is low on th totem pole when it comes to EO issued, I do believe Bush issued more.in the same manner.

          HAVE A NICE DAY


    I wouldn’t be opposed to Trump exporting all the Climate Change cult members to 3rd world countries where they would be forced to live in the terrible conditions of life that they have imposed on the citizens of those countries by blocking the proliferation of all modern development !

    • Robert

      I think Europe has imposed the most restrictive rules about climate change than anywhere else, I do see their Financial status is better than ours and GDP is better than the US, and just about everything else including the living standard is higher than in the US.
      Now what country has been hurt negatively by the Climate Change rules.


      • RLTMLT

        Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and various other E.U. countries may want to question your rosy economic scenario. In addition, Germany’s voluntary plunge into Green Hell is now starting to show significant signs of impending major problems. Many of us find it difficult to swallow the teachings of your cult leader Malthus that totally rejected mankind’s inherent ability to learn and adapt to negative changes in the environment. Government controlled population reduction, picking regional and international winners and losers, along with a return to a pre Renaissance period with a total rejection of real science is a recipe for the eventual extinction of the human race !

        • Robert

          Every country has it ups and downs, the countries you mention will recover, the outlook for the USA isn’t that rosy, and not near as good as the Central Europe countries.
          I do not go by anyone but the Facts from independent researchers, in Antarctica and the Pheonix Project from soil and ice cores.
          What is the real science that has been rejected, the only thing I see rejected is the off the wall information coming from the Carbon fuel industry.
          It is a proven fact that unless we find another planet to live on we will all be cooked because our sun is dying and all life forms will die from the lack of the things get from our sun, we have less than a million years.

          HAVE A NICE DAY

  • Ken

    I think Trump means ever word of what he is saying. The main problem I see is Congress both Democrat and Republicans trying to stop him from achieving the goals he has set. This means we are going to have to clean up Congress. Trump in 2016 yes. Hillary Clinton in a prison cell in 2017 for her crimes and he dam husband as well. I hope they get to share the same cell fitting punishment for both of them. WE HAVE THE BEST CONGRESS THAT MONEY CAN BUY!!!

  • Vega632

    “TRUMP 2016”

  • Curtis Jones Jr

    Vote for Trump

  • Robert

    If Trump really thinks he can do any of this with the Congress that is there he is a dillusional fool. Congress changes laws not Presidents, we have the best Congress money can buy and no matter who you put in there it will be the same. This Country s one of the smallest Governments per capita in the world. and run by Corporate America. Appointing anyone will be with the approval of Congress, Everything he has said is Congress’s job and they like it the way it is.


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