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Murder screams the headline


The headline screams: “Police: 13 dead, 43 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings,” yet no one nationally hears them.

The Chicago media reads like a Walter Cronkite report from Vietnam, laden with body and casualty counts for a war that no one understands.

That is the state of violence in the second city, President Obama’s hometown, run by his former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel.

Quoting from the lead of the Sun-Times Media Wire on the above headlined story, “Thirteen people were killed and at least 43 more were wounded in shootings across the city between Friday evening and early Monday.” The dead included a three-year old boy.

Yet, there is a virtual national media blackout as the surging national homicide rate has been denied by the left and some on the right, as it doesn’t fit neatly into their call for early release of tens of thousands more hardened criminals from federal prison, lax to no border enforcement and a surge of around a million new immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries since Obama took office.

Seeking the truth, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) compiled local law enforcement agency data for 2016 and compared it to 2014 and 2015 data to find out the truth, and it is stark.  Overall violent crime and homicides are up dramatically in most major cities.

Clearly something is going very wrong in our cities, and it is fair to ask if the imbedding of Mexican drug cartels and El Salvadoran based MS-13 gang members into our cities is combining in a lethal cocktail.

If the latest push of the left was banning handguns, this homicide wave would likely be national news, but with the recent shift toward continuing to empty the prisons along with defending illegal immigration, the staggering increases in murder rates are just another inconvenient truth that peppers local media headlines, without mention nationally.

The attempted Jedi mind-trick by the national media hoping that the public will pay no attention to your local crime problem this election season won’t work as sanctuary cities, the murder of Kate Steinle and drug violence are part of the fabric of local political discussions.  Most Americans don’t want the federal government intimately involved in local crime solving, but they do expect the federal government to do its job of securing the borders and allowing the prosecution of illegal alien criminals.

What they don’t want is the federal government opening the doors to their prison cells, releasing violent drug kingpins back onto the streets to make things even worse.

And that is the reason why all the bi-partisan horses in D.C. should give up on putting the Criminal Justice bill back together.

This is a guest post by Rick Manning President of Americans for Limited Government.

    The current Main Stream Media bears no resemblance to a free press as it’s cadre of wealthy corporate owners promote the rule of the Oligarchs using the national press that now resembles a National Propaganda Agency that has been tasked to determine the future winners and losers of our elections ! Thank God for the Internet where, for the present, they are denied full control of our thoughts which has severely slowed the transition to a predicted 1984 type world. Seriously, can anyone remember a time in our past when a potential Presidential Candidate like Trump has been so openly maligned by the so-called Main Stream Media ?

    • Robert

      I will grant you that the Media in not the news any more it started big during WWII with Gabriel Heater and Lowel Thomas, commentators,not news, it was their spin on the news, about the war,, and now the whole Media is that way. they try and influence your opinion about everything, Media TV, Radio, News Papers, and Magazines have gone political,local papers used to be that was but National publications were more or less independent, not any more they pick sides.Rupert Murdock the owner of Fox News he showed us frOm England what extremes he will go to to influence public opinion, so how can anyone believe anything on Fox news, being it is his network run by him.
      Now as far as maligning someone. Both of the Candidates, have maligned them selves, Hillary being a crook and a liar first class, and Trump running his big mouth stirring up trouble even with other countries.
      If you check the facts he is the most disliked Presidential candidate world wide that the USA has ever put up for election to President. The English and also the Germans got up a petition to not let him come to the country, now how is that going to work out if he becomes President and has to deal with these persons, they are World leaders and you can not dictate to them you have to negotiate with them.


  • golfnut6

    Michael Berry on 740 AM in Houston recites the Chicago crime report EVERY Monday morning. Available on broadcast radio in many markets. Available on iHeart Radio. Check it out — you’ll like his style. The body counts (done only to build opposition to the war) ended with the Viet Nam War.

  • Robert

    You never see much in the papers about the gang shooting or murders throughout the USA,which totals into the 100s, but you let one Muslim do anything illegal and it is headlines in most of the papers, we should look at all crime equally and not blame the weapon, we should blame the person who committed the crime. The San Bernadino shooting was never directly connected to the terrorist organizations that we know, and the final conclusion was that he did the crime for the same reason the person in Minnesota killed those persons in the meat packing house, they were constantly tormenting him about something so he got a gun and shot I think it was 20 but 5 deaths, the same thing in San Bernadino this person was constantly harassed and made fun of even at the party before he left and came back and killed all those persons . If the supervisor had done his job and stopped the harassment and ridicule then this killing MAY not have happened. Even after they opened the cell phone there was nothing there to connect the shooter to anyone.

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