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Sessions warns: Hillary Clinton will overturn SCOTUS amnesty ruling


jeff sessions 97 percentThe Supreme Court is equally divided on the constitutionality of Obama’s DAPA amnesty program, handing down a 4-4 ruling that will continue to block the program’s implementation. However, despite the stay, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) warned Thursday that the fight against Obama’s amnesty if “far from over” — particularly if Hillary Clinton wins the general election in November:

“This administration’s lawless actions fly in the face of the will of the American people. And yet, despite having the most radical immigration policies in our nation’s history, Hillary Clinton has promised to go even further than President Obama if she becomes President – promising to deport only violent felons and terrorists. Moreover, if she gains the ability to appoint a new Justice to the Supreme Court, the outcome of a challenge to a similar executive amnesty could come out the other way.”

The next president will dictate the political direction of the court by breaking the current 4-4 tie and appointing a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Indeed, Clinton called the Supreme Court’s decision “purely procedural,” and used the ruling to fan the flames of fear within the Latino community against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:

“This decision is also a stark reminder of the harm Donald Trump would do to our families, our communities, and our country,” Clinton said of the 4-4 decision that halted the president’s executive action to grant legal status to over 4 million illegal immigrants. “Trump has pledged to repeal President Obama’s executive actions on his first day in office. ”

Continuing to hammer away on Trump, Clinton added, “He has called Mexican immigrants ‘rapists’ and ‘murderers.’ He has called for creating a deportation force” to “tear 11 million people away from their families and their homes.”


“Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is purely procedural and casts no doubt on the fact that DAPA and DACA are entirely within the President’s legal authority,” Clinton wrote.

  • leebo13

    She could very well. Too bad Sessions left his Conservative credentials in the trash when he backed Democrat Don Trump. I know longer will buy anything Sessions is for or against. It’s obvious to me he is bought and paid for by #SleazyDonald

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