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Poll shows Clinton leading Trump in key battleground states


According to Quinnipiac’s latest poll, Hillary Clinton’s national lead over Donald Trump has shrunk since the start of June, placing them at 42% and 40% support respectively. However, a new poll from Ballotpedia has Clinton well ahead of Trump in crucial battleground states:

  • 51% to 37% in Florida
  • 45% to 41% in Iowa
  • 50% to 33% in Michigan
  • 48% to 38% in North Carolina
  • 46% to 37% in Ohio
  • 49% to 35% in Pennsylvania
  • 45% to 38% in Virginia


When all of the battleground states were factored together, Clinton led Trump 48% to 37%.

Interestingly, the poll also found that in a hypothetical battle between Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Clinton, Kasich would beat Clinton in every battleground state except Florida and North Carolina. In a vote between House Speaker Paul Ryan and Clinton, Ryan would take Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia, while Clinton would win Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Notably, separate polling by Quinnipiac in three battleground states found a much closer race between Clinton and Trump, with Clinton up by 8 points in Florida but only 1 point in Pennsylvania, and a tie in Ohio.

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