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Republicans should hope for a Clinton-Warren ticket


elizabeth warrenEarlier this month, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. And now that she’s stumped for Clinton on the campaign trail, speculation is running wild that Clinton will select Warren as her vice president.

Republicans should hope that that’s exactly what happens, and here’s why:

Picking Warren would be a wasted opportunity for Clinton and a victory for Republicans. Her only value is bolstering Clinton’s support among groups that are already with her. According to the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll Clinton has a 17 point lead with women. Adding additional estrogen to the ticket may give her someone to match clothes with, but women already support Clinton by large margins. Additionally, may look to Warren to bring home Sanders supporters, but polls would indicate they are already moving her way. And Warren, who hails from the reliably Democratic state of Massachusetts, also fails to bring any value geographically.

If anything, Warren will repel voters Clinton hopes to woo. Male voters, particularly white men, have consistently rejected Clinton this election cycle. With Clinton already trailing Trump by 10 points with male voters, picking a progressive feminist will only increase that disparity. After she secures the Democratic nomination at the convention, Clinton will look to move to the middle in an attempt to court disaffected Republicans and independent voters. That pivot would be much more difficult with a raging liberal by her side.

But how likely is it that Clinton will tap Warren–and, more importantly, that Warren will accept? It’s hard to say. Warren has spent her career going after Wall Street; meanwhile, Clinton has made millions giving speeches to the likes of Goldman Sachs and other Big Banking buddies. Then again, Warren is a hypocrite and liar herself; and birds of a feather flock together.

Presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump will not shy away from attacking Clinton and Warren both on these points. Indeed, a Clinton-Warren ticket might be just the boost his campaign needs.

  • marcus johannes

    I said many years ago that Elizabeth Warren could be as dangerous and anti American as Hitlery Clinton , Then Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein is not far down that list

    • Robert

      marcus Johannes
      I totally agree with you that Clinton is dangerous to this country. If the things Warren had wanted done with the Wall Street crowd I would be getting more dividends instead of the CEOs getting excessive pay.
      Warren has some brilliant idea to take some of the risk out of our investing and would in the end lead to more investments. Why should the management of the companies make all the money which could got to the stock holders in the way of dividends. I have seen it gradually get worse over the past 30 years, since management pays were going up and they were taking extreme risks with our money.


  • LandMinesOTB

    giving women everywhere a bad name.

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