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Why the establishment hates you


Did you vote for Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders in the primary?

Think shifting economic production overseas and outsourcing jobs via mega trade deals like the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership is just dumb?

Or that it might be better to tax foreign goods to discourage dumping on domestic markets?

You’re an economic illiterate.


That’s populism.

Don’t you know that cheaper is always better? Get with it.

It doesn’t matter where the money goes overseas. It will all be “reinvested” in U.S. dollar-denominated assets, chiefly low-risk U.S. Treasury bonds. And everyone knows the government knows better than U.S. businesses how to spend that money and create jobs anyway.

Besides, it helps to keep pushing interest rates lower and lower. Bond traders love it. Plus then businesses and you can borrow more and that boosts the economy.

Never mind the slowing economy, which has not grown above an inflation-adjusted 4 percent since 2000, and not above 3 percent since 2005.

Or the declining employment population ratio for working age adults — 16 to 64 year olds — accounting for more than 10 million potential jobs lost since the late 1990s.

We’ll probably need the prices of the goods we consume to be lower, since comparatively fewer of us will have jobs to pay for them.

Who needs jobs anyway? The government welfare printing press has got you covered. Free health care, housing and education. It’s good. The best, really.

A rising tide lifts all boats. By investing in growth overseas, it’s to our mutual benefit. It’s called comparative advantage. Don’t you have an economics degree? Look it up.

If we’re trading with these countries, they won’t act against our interests. They’d be harming their own customers. That’s irrational. They’d never do that.

And don’t worry about the spiraling $19 trillion national debt. We’re never going to pay that back anyway.

Heck, if we just moved to negative interest rates, banks would pay the federal government to borrow and refinance all that money.

They’d even pay you to never pay off your mortgage.

Then, the more money we borrow, the more revenue we will make. For every 1 percent of negative interest, that’s an extra $190 billion into government coffers. What a deal.

You see, we don’t really need to produce anything. That’s not what made America great.

Consuming inexpensive goods made with slave wages overseas by workers who might even live in their factories. That’s the true mark of greatness.

Why, if they just enslaved their people, we could save even more money on our electronics. Maybe if we run even bigger deficits they’ll start manufacturing shackles.

Because cheaper is better.

And this won’t have any effect at all on jobs that might have been created here in America. After all, correlation is not causation.

Just because we’re simultaneously losing millions of manufacturing jobs and global market share of manufacturing doesn’t mean they’ve got anything to do with each other. It’s just a coincidence.

If anything, it’s probably our irrational insistence on working for a living, taking care of our own families and pursuing the American dream that is driving manufacturers to leave the U.S.

They wouldn’t possibly respond to incentives and produce goods here. That’s just fantasy. Incentives only work abroad.

We’re an “advanced” economy now. We’ve grown out of that growth thing. Who needs growth, anyway?

You’re going to cause a trade war. Never mind the de facto currency manipulation tariffs they put on our goods. Trade wars hurt. They’ll stop buying our goods if…

Oh wait.

Hey, you want some illegal immigrants to do the jobs you’d rather not? They won’t assimilate and they might even utilize social services. And that’s what creates jobs. And eventually their progeny will tilt elections.

It’ll still be America.

What? How dare you complain? Protectionist. Mercantilist. Nativist.

The ghost of Smoot-Hawley will haunt you forever. This is why we lose elections. You’re just too dumb to get it.

We’re taking you off of our cocktail party invitation list. Can’t have any plebs in our little club.

Why don’t you vote for our candidates? They know better than you do what’s good for you.

If only you were more docile and passive you would simply submit to this globalist order, all the while pretending it actually benefitted you and your country.

What? You still think Trump would get a better deal?


This is why the establishment hates you.

Because you don’t believe in magic tricks.

This is a guest post by Robert Romano senior editor of Americans for Limited Government.
  • Robert

    I do appreciate how this author can twist the facts to suit his own agenda. To start with we in the USA have the smallest Government per capita of any country in the Industrial world.
    The reason this country is in a slump is because the Greedy Corporations moved for cheap labor, if that is not so then how come the Foreign Corporations move here and make hugh profits under the same laws, it is simple they know how to run businesses without, running the competition out of business or buying them out. Just look at Toyota, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Scandia, Building expanding and hiring, those bosses do not set in an fancy office and let some one else do the work they get on the floor and work with the workers, so that they know how the business is going.
    Corporate corruption runs so deep in this country, that is why all these trade deals good for the Corporations but bad for the Country have been passed. So all the Corporations could move the work over seas but still retain the benefits of the US Government.
    The big Corporations are the real reason for the debt of the USA, because they took the tax base away from this country by moving away.

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      The Government is a Corporation too. This has been a long time coming Cooking the books shell companies off shore banking. I didn’t even shop Walmart until they did Super store and Groceries. Almost all the products were crap. If you make it to last your customer only will come back every 10 years instead of 2. There are no truly free societies anymore. Part of my family lives in the Ukraine. They don’t have crime. You need a flat tax or a consumption tax for our tax money is wasted. This is a human problem. Humanity has not advanced in years for they are not held responsible for anything. Corruption runs deep in America. Trace the history of the NYPD it is a rollercoaster. Hardly the finest. We have no freedom. Power has control every time for there are no CAMELOTS. It is only a Myth. Humans are below Dogs and Horses. My Shepards are much better living beings than anyone i have ever known. I tried to be decent live with honor and Ethics but the Price is too High

    • RLTMLT

      As far as foreign companies coming here and operating at a profit is concerned, your absolutely correct. However we must take into account that many of their U.S. operations are only final assembly plants, all of the skilled parts manufacturing jobs remain in their home countries. U.S. Lawmakers are responsible for this situation as highly skilled and higher paid manufacturing jobs remain off shore while only low pay final assembly jobs are created in this country. Foreign manufacturers benefit through a cost reduction in the form of a significantly lower import tax on piece parts over fully assembled products. The reason why once very lucrative parts manufacturing in this country has all but vanished over the last two and a half decades !

      • Robert

        I do agree with you on the point of assembly plants, but Toyota Camry is the only car made in the USA, in 2017 Subaru will be the second, The gear boxes are not made in cheap labor they are made in Germany. MY entire point was that if these Manufacturing companies can make a high profit here so could the American Companies that moved away, if they knew how to run a business other than running the competition out of business or buying them out.
        Like I said the American Corporations are run like the old MOB of the 20s and 30s, get rid of your competition
        With all the free trade agreements n place import taxes are almost nill. The Congress if it wasn’t influenced by the Corporations could get some of them back here. I have done some in depth research and found most of the Companies that relocated, the USA is their biggest customer, so if they lost their US benefits and had to pay an import tax on their product, it would be beneficial for them to move back to the USA. and it would greatly increase our tax base.
        HAVE A NICE DAY .

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