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Cartoon: Talk Stupidly and Carry a Big Mouth


Barack Obama fans the flames and wonders why cops get burnt.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Robert

    This cartoon is as deplorable as it gets. The problem with the police is made by a few bad police persons, and it is made worse when the bad police are found not guilty, seems like a Hillary deal to me

    • bill

      how about leveling the blame on idiot legislators who make unenforceable laws that the police are compelled to enforce and the minorities that continue to break simple laws and then are so arrogant about being stopped and questioned. the damned Nazis in Kalifornexico just last week made 5 to 7 million LAW ABIDING gun owners criminal because they won’t prosecute the minorities responsible for nearly 80% of gun crime.

      • Keith Webb

        It’s also important to note that the same legislature that are passing these California gun laws have exempted themselves from these gun laws that apply to the citizens. Who says we have mroe than one justice system. 1 for the elites and another for you and me. Talk about corruption.

      • Robert

        I do think you are being one sided about this. The FBI and all the other Federal agencies have stated that the minorities are discriminated against by the local police. Feergeson, Missouri, the police agenda was to make minorities pay the town budget through fines and jailing. It is not that they are so stupid, how would you feel if ever time you drove down the street you had to worry about what type of bogus charge you were facing. Like the Governor of Minnesota said, if it had been a white person the police would have simply advised him to get the tail light fixed, instead it went into a death detail being the person was black.
        I am 80 years old and as long as I can remember Blacks have been marginalized, poor education, poor jobs, even after they proved their self in WWII they were stillmarginalized in the Military. Gun Crime is just a shadow way of getting rid of guns, it does not stop homicides, in England where the gun laws are the strictest in Europe, just last week a legislator was shot and stabbed. Just imagine if someone wanted to kill a lot of persons and there was no gun theyn we can blow up a truck full of gasoline and gellitan and kill or severly burn twice as many as any gun can kill. I did not see them banning trucks after Tim McVey blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma city.

        • bill

          I think you are correct in that blacks have been marginalized. how ever blacks are the majority in ferguson so the statement “the police agenda was to make minorities pay the town budget through fines and jailing” is not correct. and mcvey used fertilizer to do that but the feds did not blame trucks or fertilizer the blamed guns which had nothing to do with the bombing. which is why I blame legislayors for most of the problems.

          • Robert

            I am neither Liberal or Conservative. I just believe what the facts show.
            If our Country was run according to the Constitution neither party would like it. I do believe the Constitution and Federalist Papers say it in no uncertain terms that the Congress people should do their elected term and return home to their ,Entrepreneurship, which means only business persons could serve in Congress 1 term and return home to their business. The 2nd amendment is as clear as it gets but both want to alter it to suit their means. If Felons were not supposed to have arms once they came out of prison then how come at the time and up until 1930s the gun was returned to the offender when they were released from prison, it also states that these rights will not be infringed upon.
            I think both parties should look back at why the Japanese never tried to invade this country, in the words of the Japanese Admiral were” I WENT TO SCHOOL IN AMERICA, THERE IS A GUN BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS. WE COULD NEVER SUCCESSFULLY BEAT THEM.
            You are right the Politician’s just pick and choose what they think is right.
            HAVE A GOOD DAY

  • Richard Bagenstose

    right , oboma created the war on cops, i could care less about it , take away the cops all together and then see what happens , you think blacks are dieing now , take away the cops and it will be open season, but that is what barry wants , give me a reason to impose martial law , witch at this point he is baygin for it, he wants the 3rd 4th 5th term

  • Kory Chatelain

    How about passing some real laws on the availability of assault weapons to our society and expanding background checks instead of blaming everything on the President? Why don’t you just admit that the dislike for this President is racism instead of obscuring it with bullshit. If you do some research you will find that the facts state Mr. Obama has done more for this country than any Republican President.

    • Elaine Morris

      There are background checks to anyone buying a gun in a gun store or sports store..
      Criminals do not buy their guns. They steal them from home invasions. They use straw buyers who have no record; OR, steal someone’s ID to do the background search.

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