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Sanders endorses Clinton, proclaims ‘She must become our next president’


Bernie Sanders and Hillary ClintonBernie Sanders finally gave up the ghost of his campaign and endorsed Hillary Clinton for president at a rally in New Hampshire Tuesday. During his remarks, Sanders proclaimed that Clinton “must become our next president”:

“Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process, and I congratulate her for that. She will be the Democratic nominee for president and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States,” Sanders said at Portsmouth High School while standing next to Clinton.

“I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president,” he added.

But Sanders didn’t agree to put the stamp of approval on Clinton’s campaign without a few concessions. Clinton agreed to lurch even further to the left on higher education and healthcare in order to get Sanders’ endorsement. Here’s hoping she lied to him just like she did the American people.

  • GlobalThinkTank

    Over Whelming and Irrefutable Evidence Proves Hillary Guilt of Mishandling and Destroying Highly Sensitive, Top Secret Government Documents on Private Server — She Perjured Herself To Say, She Knows Nothing About ‘Wiping’ Computer Servers Clean; Thereby, Admitting Culpability of Fault and Guilt In Inappropriate Use of Server for Personal Use; Thereby, Placing Highly Sensitive and Top Secrets At Risk of Threat to Hacking Violating National Security.

    Her Refusal To Accept Accountability and her Constant Denial of Responsibility or Blame Clearly Shows her Contempt To Ethics; Her Conduct Clearly Shows Severe Disregard to Complying With Sworn Duties to Uphold Law & Order. She Refuses To Acknowledge Any Wrong Doing Even When it Is Clearly Transparent And In Her Face.

    Hillary Clinton Lacks Honesty and Openly Violates Ethics to Law and Order.
    She Demonstrates Dishonesty by Refusing To Answer Questions Directly.
    She Lack of Integrity by Refusing to Uphold Sworn Laws and Duty.
    She Shows No Remorse for Lives Lost in Benghazi, Nor accepts Accountability For It.
    She Violated the Rule of Law Over Having A Private Email Server.
    She violated the Public Trust Over National Security over Destroyed Emails.
    She Perjured Herself Over Matters of the Destruction Government Documents and Emails and Swiping Documents From Her Personal Server.

    What More Do We Need To Put Hillary Clinton Behind Bars in Federal Prison?

    Those Who Continue To Support Hillary Clinton by Endorsement and or Financially Are Criminally Liable for Aiding and Abetting A Known Criminal, and Their Ongoing Participation In Supporting Her Is A Violation To Federal Law — Punishable by Prison.

    Hillary Clinton and All Her Supporters Should Be Required To Stand Trail in Court and Served Life Long Prison Terms for Aiding A Known Criminal To Run for President.

  • KayO

    Yep. Bernie will say anything to get free dope.

  • Karll

    sanders, you hypocritical old fool!
    Drop dead already!

  • Robert

    Thousands of persons are not voting in this election because of the candidates, who want to be complicit in putting either one of the Candidates in the position of President of the USA. I would almost bet it will be the lowest voter turn out in a century % wise. Most of the persons in my American Legion say for the first time in their lives they are not going to vote, and most are Republican. So Trump is just as much disliked as Clinton,both horrible person to be put in to represent our country, to the world. You can call Sanders a cook or anything else but he is right, about a lot of things. You yell Socialism is a bad thing yet not very many of you have ever lived in a Democratic Socialist country, all the Democratic Socialist countries are ahead of the USA in n early everything. In those countries you do not have to be well financed for your children to get a good college education, in world order we are 17th in education, everyone has adequate medical care for a fixed price, we are 35th in world order for medical care, GDP we are near the top but EU has the highest and according to the dictionary that is a judge of the prosperity of a country and the standard of living. You pick on Venezuela a country the USA made sure that it went under, why not talk about South Korea, also a Democratic Socialist Country.


    A well timed political move that will give the illusion of solidarity and hopefully insure no pesky floor fights at the upcoming Democrat Nominating Convention. However, the DNC may find themselves embroiled in a 1968 type train wreck with the large Sander’s base of Liberal Supporters protesting every move the Neoliberal Leadership makes ! Last weekend the Democrat Platform Committee soundly defeated any attempt to stop the passage of the T.P.P., a gift to Obama who continues to promote this abomination and the corporate friends of the DNC Neoliberal Leadership. Trump has previously rejected the T.P.P. and he needs to broadcast this fact to disaffected Democrats, many of them who have no desire to waste their votes on an ineffective Green Party. A moderate selection for VP could draw a lot of these disaffected Democrats into his camp ! Republican hardliners will still be in Congress regardless of whose elected as president, states like Arizona and Kentucky will insure their continued presence and there’s no way of countering this as long as the voters in those states maintain their partisan views !

  • DaveM

    “Hilary must be next president” WHAT A CROCK OF SH*T! old BUZZARD HATES HER…CAN NOT STAND HER…SHE HAS NO H9NOR AND SHE HAS sold out America already! America will be dead if she gets in and a revolution will be at hand!

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