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Donald Trump to announce VP pick Friday


It’s finally happening, folks. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday night that he will publicly announced his vice presidential pick Friday in New York:

Furthermore, former Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night that Trump’s VP will either be him or Indiana Gov. Mike Pence:

Reportedly, however, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still in the running, as well.

11 a.m. Friday. Be ready.

  • thelastvoice

    I CONKY will accept if asked to be VP.

  • disqus_aIHEcFxl3G

    If the Republicans don’t stand along side of Trump I will never vote for a Republican. again. Any delegate who is a chosen Trump Delegate and will not vote for him should be sent HOME.


    Trump will never endure himself to those old reprobates in the GOP, he’s viewed as a single term passing fad ! Donald needs to choose a moderate that will appeal to all those disaffected Democrat voters who were disappointed by the Sander’s sell out. They have said they will never support Hillary and I doubt seriously that many of them will waste their time voting for Jill Stein. A moderate Republican will also appeal to aging Republicans who, like many aging Democrats, fear the loss of Social Security to a segment in both parties that are carrying out the wishes of their Wall Street Masters that want full control of that money !

  • Jack Black

    He is crazy if he does not pick Allen West!

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