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Republican senators take strong leads in battleground states


rubioDonald Trump isn’t the only one surging at the polls. According to a new Quinnipiac poll, Republican senators in three tough re-election races have established significant leads over their opponents:

According to the new Quinnipac poll, Florida’s Marco Rubio, Ohio’s Rob Portman, and Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey all hold commanding leads over their Democratic challengers, and that they each hold a lead of at least 7 points.

Rubio holds the largest lead of the three, topping Rep. Patrick Murphy, his likely Democratic challenger, 50-37 percent. Rubio announced his entry into the race less than a month ago, but he also beats Rep. Alan Grayson, who is challenging Murphy for the Democratic nod, 50-38.

Portman seems to have broken loose in the Ohio Senate contest, as he leads former Gov. Ted Strickland 47-40. The two had been deadlocked since the start of the year.

And in Pennsylvania, Toomey has a double-digit lead over Katie McGinty, a former gubernatorial candidate and chief of staff to Gov. Tom Wolf. The Pennsylvania Republican leads McGinty 49-39.

The outcomes of these three races could very well determine whether the Republicans maintain their majority in the Senate. The GOP currently holds a slim 54-seat majority, and must defend 24 of the 34 seats up for grabs this November.

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