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What 2016 GOP Platform Pushes on 4 Key Issues


Logo-GOPLess than a week before the Republican National Convention kicks off, the GOP platform committee was racing into the night Tuesday to finish its work on a policy blueprint.

A quadrennial exercise that occurs before each general election, a 112-member subset of the delegation gathers to hammer together the Republican Party’s official vision, a platform for the presidential nominee to campaign on.

Construction of this year’s platform has taken on increased significance than documents drafted in past years. The party’s presumed presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has strayed from some traditional Republican positions.

Conservatives view the platform as a tool to tether the New York businessman, whose campaign has taken a hands-off approach to the platform, to certain conservative orthodoxies. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., who chairs the platform committee, told reporters he’s confident that the nominee will accept the document.

The Republican National Committee has not released the final draft of the document.

And before becoming official, the platform draft will need to be ratified by a majority of the 2,472 Republican delegates that will crowd onto the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena next week.

1. Immigration Policy

On immigration, the platform committee has gone in the direction of the party’s nominee, delivering the party’s most aggressive immigration plank in recent memory.

According to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the delegate who chaired the subcommittee handling immigration, the platform will include provisions cracking down on amnesty, sanctuary cities, and guest worker programs.

A first draft of the document called for a “physical barrier” to be erected along the United States-Mexico border. But, as CNN first reported, the document that was finally agreed to echoes Trump’s campaign pledge to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border.

While the party has been moving gradually to the right on the issue, Kobach told reporters, Trump has pushed the platform even farther in 2016.

“The Trump campaign—with the candidate so vocally in favor of enforcing our laws, deportation, and a wall—has made it very easy for the platform to move further to the right on immigration because the presidential candidate is already there,” he said.

In addition, the platform includes a provision known as “Kate’s law.” That proposal would level a mandatory five-year prison sentence on any illegal alien caught trying to return to the U.S. after being deported previously.

2. Marriage and Gender Issues

Social conservatives notched several wins over the course of two days on the platform planks concerning marriage and gender issues. And for the first time, Republicans rejected a proposal that would have stripped away the traditional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

An openly gay delegate from the District of Columbia, Rachel Hoff, pled with her colleagues to drop their ongoing opposition to gay marriage. That effort failed during a plenary session of the entire committee Monday night.

Republicans also offered a rebuttal to the administration’s bathroom directive by limiting the use of multiple occupant bathrooms in public buildings to those of the same biological sex.

3. National Defense

The platform committee maintained the party’s hawkish approach to national defense.

Amendments introduced by libertarian-minded delegates to limit American involvement in foreign conflicts were routinely defeated. Delegates say the defense planks of the platform differ little from past documents.

Hoff led an effort that would open up all military roles to women—including all combat roles. Conservatives balked that the amendment could subject women to the draft, and after a relatively short skirmish, the proposal failed.

4. International Trade

The platform committee adopted an “America First” trade policy, similar to sentiments voiced by Trump, calling for a crackdown on unfair competition from foreign markets and bemoans U.S. trade deficits.

“We need better negotiated trade agreements that put America first,” the platform reads, according to excerpts first obtained by The Wall Street Journal. “We cannot allow foreign governments to limit American access to their markets while stealing our designs, patents, brands, know-how, and technology.”

The platform committee diverged with Trump on both the decades-old North American Free Trade Agreement and the more recent Trans-Pacific Partnership.

While the candidate has criticized both free trade agreements on the campaign trail, neither made an appearance in the platform.

Commentary by Philip Wegmann, The Daily Signal

  • Robert

    The Republican party is loosing membership like a main artery has been cut.http://www.pewresearch.org/2008/03/20/fewer-voters-identify-as-republicans/ If you do not stand for what the people as a majority want you can expect to go down in smoke. The Platform against immigration is totally out of line with the American public where 65% of the American Population want the illegals to have a path to Citizenship. http://www.gallup.com/poll/184577/favor-path-citizenship-illegal-immigrants.aspx Marriage and gender again the majority of Americans want equality for all not to be dictated to by the Bible. Religion in this country only applies to about 28% of the Population and most of those are from South of the Border, yes a lot of older people are biblical inclined ut they are not the big block of voters now.
    National Defense, we do not need all the antiquated and large items of years gone by this is a high tech world

    where a person setting at a desk in Utah can direct missiles that years ago we need airplanes to deliver, which cost millions more than the secretive drones and require no pilot to get killed. Battle ships serve no feasible purpose, they were only a big gun platform to put us close enough to hurt the enemy, now we have cruise missiles which can be launched from any where in the world and more accurate than any gun we have ever had.
    International trade
    There is no such thing as unfair competition, you have to lean with the punches and find a better way to get through to your opponent. In my 35 years running a business i never hear of such a thing, competition is the life blood of inguinituity, Find a new and better way, make abetter product, or see where you can cut costs.
    If you go in business to get rich it is the wrong reason, you should be in business to fill a need support your local community and your nation, a profit is nice but providing a place to work is also important, Hostile take over and treating companies into selling does away with all those things but it a very small number of people a lot of money which they want to keep all for them selves, because money is power.


    • TheBucko

      Not sure how the Republican Party is “loosing” membership, I thought anyone could join…..

      • Robert

        The Bucko
        The total number of registered Voters who are registered as Republican has dropped drastickly over the past 10 years, persons are tired of both parties but it seems like the Republican party is taking the biggest hits. The youth of today who will be the Politicians of tomorrow are fed up with the limits the Republican party tries to enforce through laws, which by the Constitution are illegal, No law shall be made based on Religion. They are also fed up with the Democrats blaming everything on guns, and want the 2nd amendment to stand as it was written. Right now the people are fed up with the Democrats because they let Hillary with all her negative baggage run under their banner.
        So it is the fact that the youths mainly are fed up with both parties, but more so with the Republicans. I was just reading a piece in the magazine, where the majority of youth think that reducing taxes on the Corporations and the rich would be the stupidest thing that could happen because the US needs the tax money these people too away from this country in the name of greed.


    The power structure in both parties have now blessed approval of the TPP in their platforms, something that the majority of citizen supporters of both parties continue to reject. Trump, to his credit, has vigorously rejected the TPP that will do nothing to improve our current massive trade imbalance as long as the bulk of all manufacturing jobs remain located on foreign shores ! The Washington insiders who support trade deals like the TPP have continuously rejected any attempt to reverse the out flow of living wage manufacturing jobs to foreign shores lest they be charged with invoking protectionism that could lead to an international trade war. Washington’s private corporate funders want nothing to do with increased Import Duties that would reduce their profits on imported goods and make a valid case for bringing those former American jobs back to these shores !

  • Holy Joe

    The first thing to do about the Trade & Jobs mess up is to reduce the 35% Corporate Tax, reduce it by at least half forthe first year to see how it goes, then chop either directly to a maximum Rate of 10%, if indications are good.
    The British have chopped their Corporate Tax rate to 15% after ‘Brexit’ Leave Vote – but they have also put in a Pro-Stay new P.M. which smacks of “The Fix” is in pro the Nervous Nelly “Stay’s.” So a long drawn out departure could effectively mean abandoning the “leave” vote later in the coming year to assuage the craven fears of the young voters who have always been ruled from Bruxelles.

    You cannot have two Governments one of which is totally foreign and therefore anathema to anyone’s true National Interests. A “One Sized Socialist Government” – definitely does not suit anyone, as the U.S.A. will find out when the Democrats make America subservient to the U.N. One Worlder’s, under their future Secretary General Obama of course.

    Come to think of it do what the British have, chop the Corporate Tax immediately to something much smaller in the 10% to 15% range – see what happens with the immediate effect on the return of local manufacturing after a year or two of low corporate rates when companies discover that it is cheaper and with better quality to make things at back home – with a ” Made in America ” Label, back in its regular place.
    I am sick of buying clothing that the stitches fall from at the first wash – or cleaning, tools and household products that snap or break. If the foreign manufacture is superior, then people will naturally go for proven imported quality over cheap local convenience. Remember how by following a strict quality program the Post War Japanese Manufacturers so ditched their old reputations for ‘Cheap junk’ ? Quality Goods should control all markets.

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