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Melania Trump plagiarism outrage highlights double standard


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.09.41 PMMelania Trump gave an impassioned speech Monday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that bears some striking similarities to a speech delivered by Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Jarrett Hill, a Los Angeles-based journalist, was the first to accuse Trump of lifting “a whole graph” from Obama’s speech — and the liberal media went to town.

But amid all the hullabaloo, let’s not forget: Joe Biden and Barack Obama are guilty of the same sin:

When Biden was running for president in 1987, he had to admit to plagiarizing a law review article when he was in law school. He claimed at the time that his plagiarism was not “malevolent” but merely a “mistake” because he “misunderstood the need to cite sources carefully.”

We’ll have to take him at his word that back in the 1960s, people who made it through high school, their undergraduate studies and into law school wouldn’t properly know how to cite sources.

Biden also stole passages from the Welsh Labor Leader Neil Kinnock during a visit to a state fair. Biden has used quotes from Kinnock before, but had always credited him.

Biden also straight up stole details from Kinnock’s life and used them as his own, like claiming he was the first in his family to go to college. Oh, and Biden also stole passages from Robert F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey.

Despite the blatant, serial plagiarism, Biden has been our vice president for the past eight years. It might have kept him from the presidency (not really, he wasn’t that well known in 1988 and in 2008 he was up against Barack Obama), but it didn’t keep him from the Senate or the vice presidency.

President Obama also plagiarized a part of a speech. In 2008, he gave a speech that sounded suspiciously similar to a 2006 speech from then Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. Patrick closed party ranks and defended Obama after the accusation.

Does this make plagiarism ok? Of course not. But Melania Trump isn’t even the candidate, and the MSM is currently doing its best to crucify her (and her husband) over a few lines of text. Meanwhile, Biden and Obama get to steal passages and no one bats an eye.


    The Liberal press’s coverage of the RNC nominating convention has been atrocious. You would have thought that they could have maintained a moderate level of respect given that this activity is a crucial element in our democratic system of government. There have been a few exceptions like Yahoo’s Katie Couric who showed great respect in her interview with 92 year old Republican stalwart Bob Dole. No doubt that we will see a much kinder and gentler Liberal press at the DNC nominating convention next week !

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