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It’s official: Trump is the GOP nominee


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.16.18 PMIt’s official: Donald J. Trump is the Republican presidential nominee. Fittingly, he clinched the requisite 1,237 delegates Tuesday night after his home state of New York cast 89 delegates in his favor:

Trump’s adult children joined the New York delegation to cast the decisive vote that put Trump over the top. Donald Trump Jr. was given the honor of making the announcement, and he promised his father would put the Empire State in play in November.

“It is my honor to be able to throw Donald Trump over the top tonight,” Trump, Jr. said. “Congratulations Dad, we love you.”

The Quicken Loans Arena erupted into a celebration. The convention broke for a few minutes as delegates danced to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

Shortly after, the convention nominated Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be Trump’s running mate in an overwhelming voice vote.

Notably, more delegate votes went against Trump than in any GOP convention since 1976, but overall the state-by-state roll call was overwhelmingly in favor of the billionaire businessman:

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions officially offered Trump’s name into consideration for president to huge rounds of applause.

Sessions, who is Trump’s top ally on Capitol Hill, lauded him as a disrupter who has tapped into the unease felt by Americans across the country.

“The American voters heard this message, and they rewarded his courage and leadership with a huge victory in our primaries,” Sessions said. “He dispensed with one talented candidate after another, momentum started and a movement started. Democrats and independents responded. He received far more primary votes than any Republican candidate in history.

“Mr. Speaker, it is my distinct honor and great pleasure to nominate Donald J. Trump for the office of president of the United States,” he said.

Quicken Loans Arena exploded into cheers and chants of “Trump.”

Watch Sen. Sessions’s nomination speech below:

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