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Leaked emails show Team Clinton unsure how to tackle Trump


clintonpressconference-800x450Wikileaks published thousands of documents Friday, and among the dump were emails purportedly sent between some Democratic National Committee staffers and reporters that reveal members of Team Hillary Clinton are worried their strategy for taking down Republican nominee Donald Trump might only make him stronger:

In one published exchange between DNC spokesman Luis Miranda and treasurer Andrew Tobias, staffers discuss the Clinton campaign’s concern that voters will see Trump as a “viable option.”

“[T]here is a faction within Clinton world that seems to be in the mindset that they can win without anyone else,” Miranda said in an “off the record” email to Tobias on May 22, which laid out what he saw as flaws in Clinton’s logic. “[T]hey’re promoting the idea that the focus should be on showing how Republicans are shunning Trump because he’s so extreme.”

Miranda then made it clear that Clinton’s team didn’t like the DNC’s plan, which was to focus on criticizing and blaming Republicans in Congress. Clinton’s team apparently thought that plan would only help Trump, since it could offer him legitimacy by comparing him to elected officials.

“They worry that our narrative, the points you make about who to blame, make Trump look like everyone else, and thus a viable option,” he wrote.

His comments came after arguing that they should “blame Republicans in Congress for the rise of Trump.”

“[M]ost of the R’s in Congress are more extreme and more dogmatic,” Tobias replied.

It appears that no one — not even professional strategists — can quite figure out The Donald.

  • disigny

    This is where a study of History is both helpful and scary. Most people are so blinded by the “Winners’ History” of WW2, that they overlook the fact that Hitler was ELECTED. In those early days, he was a Wild Card in the 1932 elections. Many middle class people, who had been wiped out by , first by the unfair War “reparations”, and second, the general disaster of the Depression, took the view that the Weimar politicians, the equivalent of the Hillary “Democrats”, were too wimpy and confused to deal with such a drastic disaster. Hitler was seen as an honest war vet, who while dangerous and unpredictable, at least had the Energy to DO something. And his immediate program actually seems to have inspired some of FDR’s emergency measures, like job creation, etc. Trump seems to be seen in the same light by many people who are NOT rednecks or “Racists”. In other words, his opponents ,except for Sanders, do not appear to have much in the way of ideas, except to continue the Bush projects, with dismal prospects. Republican billionnaires, if the past is any guide, may perhaps hope to be able to “control ” Trump. He may well fool them, but very hard to say in what direction. In the meantime, the “Patriot Act” , etc. has set the stage for any kind of coup, or other unprecedented path.

    • So,
      instead you want a woman: who has no regard for the law and rules; a woman who has
      accepted illegal campaign contributions from foreign (many hostile to us)
      government; A woman who is guilty of dereliction of duty while she was
      secretary of state; and a woman who has repeatedly lied to Congress. Oh yes,
      she also has disrespected the military, secret service agents, and police. Oh yes, a woman who should be on her way to prison.

      • RLTMLT

        Liberal Hillary’s main point seems to be that it’s way past time for a minority woman to be elected president regardless of whether she’s qualified or not ! We’ve had a Black Democrat President for the last eight years that has exceeded George Bush’s record for the number of military adventures we have pushed our soldiers into, so now it’s time for another minority to take the Oval Office. After all, sense I’m already here and Bernie has dropped out and Jill Stein is a loser and Elizabeth Warren is an Indian and I already have lots of special interest money behind me, it might as well be me !

    • ClarenceDeBarrows

      The best thing that could happen in a Trump Presidency is that the GOPe are NOT ABLE “to control Trump”. They have been colluding with Democrats for so long they might as well be considered one with them. The “Republican billionaires” have already done their best to control the Trump ascendancy, to no avail. The People – concerned American Citizens who vote – have made it clear they’re done with the “New World Order, Global Thinking” political hierarchy in this Country which has done its best to enfeeble and disregard our Constitution even though they’ve taken oaths to defend it. The ones we have to be wary of “fooling” us do not include Trump. They consist of corrupt politicians, their minions and a colluding main stream media, who are not above cheating and manipulating the news and consequently votes by allowing, among other things, unqualified individuals to participate in the voting process – skewing the results to their own despicable ends. No, Trump is not the threat here. The threat here is a cadre of self interested politicians capitalizing on the ignorance and gullibility of a somnambulating self centered voting electorate who largely care more about their own personal interests and the perks afforded them by a manipulating political hierarchy than the Constitutional Republic the Founding Fathers crafted for us.

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