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Watch: Highlights from Donald Trump’s acceptance speech


Thursday night in Cleveland, Donald Trump gave an hour-and-sixteen-minute-long speech formally accepting the Republican nomination for president in which he declared himself the “voice” of struggling Americans. Watch highlights from the address below:


    DJT also recalled the Kennedy Administration and it’s leader’s call for a program to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. The first government program in almost half a century that wasn’t intended for the production of implements of war. It produced amazing advances in technology and medicine that continue to benefit all of us today. It’s time for a continuation of that program and development of a real solution to our future energy needs that won’t set us back six centuries like the Liberals are proposing. India and China continue their ongoing development of a Fusion Power System, research that we should be involved. Yet Liberal Climate Changers in the Obama Administration continue to push the deindustrialization of the planet, rejection of all modern scientific development, horrific mass depopulation of the 3rd world, and a move back to the 13th Century. Now they want to make it against the law for anyone to challenge their sadistic goals !

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