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Watch free in full: ‘Clinton Cash’


The directors of Clinton Cash, the sensational new documentary based on Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book, want Americans to know exactly how corrupt the Clintons are. Which is precisely why they’re offering the full director’s cut of their documentary free of charge for viewing by the public from now until November:

We encourage everyone — whether conservative or progressive — to view the film. Clinton Cash is bigger than our political debate. This isn’t a film about the size or scope of government. It’s about basic human decency.

Who could deny the malignant corruption of a couple that used their political power to make money by propping up the world’s worst dictators, cutting down the rain forests, selling off our nuclear resources to our enemies, and bartering off the assets of the poorest nations on earth while their people live in abject poverty?

Stopping the Clintons is not about being a good conservative or a good progressive. It’s about being a decent human being.

If you love your country — if you love humanity —  watch this film and share it with everyone you know. Do NOT vote in November without seeing Clinton Cash.

Watch the documentary below.

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