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CRN’s News Quiz


Do you think you know enough to ace Conservative Republican News’s weekly quiz?

Take your shot at our brain-busting questions all drawn from the conservative news we’ve been providing.

Get an “A” and we’ll give you a shout out in next week’s quiz!

The following CRN readers aced our quiz last week and we send a big Congratulations to all of these patriots:

Bob, Gordon, Frank F., Katy, karen, Dean, Bill, william, Brent, John eastman, Janie, Cole, Barry, David, Bill, John, Clete,  Bill, Dale, Brian Ciuffoletti, Eddie, Mary, Carol, Jomama (is that your real name?), Tom Pridgeon, Lisa, Tom, Fred Williams, Ronald, Chapin, Robert, Dee, and from beyond the grave . . . Ronald Reagan


CRN News Quiz July 25-July 29 2016


Image credit: kev_hickey_uk under CC 4.0

  • Karen Lee King

    lol Well I sucked at that quiz! lol

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