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Cartoon: Together


The ardent #nevertrumpers aren’t concerned that their position will allow Hillary to build true socialized medicine on the ashes of the failed Obamacare experiment. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Freelander

    the funniest thing about this is Branco thinks the ACA was a failure.

    • Bill Steffen

      The ACA has certainly been a failure for my daughter – much higher premiums and the deductible is so high she’ll probably never use it. Millennials are coming to realize they are getting screwed.

      • Alice House

        Every generation of American’s have been getting screwed by the politicians–millennials need to learn this so they can possibly save this once great nation.

    • DonOldGuy

      Based on my current bill for my son’s, unpaid for insurance claim, for emergency surgery, I’m applauding his recognition of the obvious.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    i’d like to know how many people lost there income tax refund last year because they handed out to big of subsidies , like they did my sister and she wound up paying in 1500 dollars , what a freaken scam and now they say premiums are going up 26 to 46 % this years , just keeps getting better , if you buy insurance you can’t afford to use it and if you don’t buy insurance you pay a fine , what a con

  • Nanette Gray

    OH please give me a break! I have never and will never be an advocate for the #nevertrump people, many of which did not care who, other than him..perhaps. However, I can not vote for Trump because of conscience nor Clinton either, do not balme us..blame your foolish choice of Trump. It has become, fostered by FNC and FBC as a personal media super pace and propaganda arm of Trump, that he will be the “savior” we all needed, however he is shooting himself in the foot so much one could argue! How else can you explain his blatant ignorance he spews all over! WHEN is he going to start campaigning for president. He has let very big issues against Clinton..go by him, two major ones infact, without a word, focused instead on someone saying something about him as a speaker at DNC convention, what an idiot! He has NO discipline at all and will not listen to anyone, he is like a little child in an adult’s body! How can we EVER trust him, to have deep contemplative thought before he does something? All any dictator would have to do is BAIT him!

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