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What has America become?


After reading this letter to the editor from a man named Ken Huber, perhaps we should change the final line of the “Star Spangled Banner” to “land of the restricted and home of the hypocrites.”

What has America become

  • Frank W Brown

    It’s the truth, nothing but the truth, so help us GOD!

  • I just made a comment about this on another website. America isn’t fun and safe any more. Too many threats from the religion of peace people that wants to over throw our government, culture and laws and want to kill us. Even our Politicians are against the People and make more suffering. It is bad enough that they have made so many poorer and still bringing in illegals for Americans to support and these immigrant invaders do NOT want to work, Most are criminals gang members, drug lords and Terrorists


    Heil to Der Fuhrer !


    An observation from a former Reagan Administration Cabinet Member;
    Hillary declared the President of Russia to be the Ultimate Threat—“the new Hitler.”
    Could it be any more clear? A vote for Hillary is a vote for war. Despite this most obvious of all facts, the US media, united as one, are doing everything in their power to drive Trump into the ground and to elect Hillary. The media has even reached a point where they feel they can refer to the citizens of this country who support Trump as uneducated bottom feeders, I suspect that Trump probably sent them a Thank You card for driving so many outraged American voters to his side !
    What does this tell us about the intelligence of the “Unipower,” “the world’s only superpower,” the” indispensible people,” the “exceptional nation”? It tells us that they are as dumb as spit. Creatures of The Matrix created by their own propagandists, Americans see imaginary threats, not real ones.
    What the Russians and Chinese see are a people too brainwashed and ignorant to be of any support for peace. They see war coming and are preparing for it.

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