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Democratic Senate candidate: Scalia’s death ‘happened at a good time’


Make no mistake about it: liberals are happy that Antonin Scalia is no longer sitting on the Supreme Court. They couldn’t care less that he unexpectedly lost his life — a fact proven by Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland (D). At an ALF-CIO event this past weekend in Cleveland, Strickland proclaimed that Scalia’s death couldn’t have happened at a better time for Big Labor:

“The death of Scalia saved labor,” he said.

At this point his audience applauded.

“And I don’t wish anyone ill,” he continued, “but it happened at a good time.”

At this point the audience laughed.

The progressive agenda they’ve championed, Strickland concluded, may still have a future now that there is an open spot on the court.

Strickland’s comments echo those made by far-left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last month when she told the New York Times regarding the outcomes of several recent Supreme Court cases, “Think what would have happened had Justice Scalia remained with us.”

Strickland has apologized for his tactlessness, but what’s done is done.

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