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VIDEO: Was this another medical “episode” for Hillary?


Hillary Clinton suffered another strange health episode on the campaign trail. This incident looks like a momentary blackout accompanied by a loss of balance and cognitive ability. But you won’t see this many places. Just Google, “Hillary another medical incident” and you’ll get nothing. The leftist Daily Kos is the only story featured on the topic and that claims any story that challenges Mrs Clinton to produce health records is a “fabrication” by conservatives.

What do you think?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    she better pack it in now , she won’t live till the election and , the gun owners will have nothing to do with it , kind of reminds me of oboma when he is lying and gets confused , you get da , da ,da ,da where was i


    My wife had a stroke in 2013 due to blood clots that formed in her brain depriving brain cells of the necessary oxygen that normal blood flow provides to them. This condition can be reversed but it must be treated within twelve hours of the initial blockage, beyond that period no treatment exists that can restore normal brain function. Occasionally for short periods of time she seems completely normal but that can change quickly leaving her struggling to carry out even the most basic tasks. I can think of several critical reasons why someone with this condition shouldn’t be in the Oval Office. The number one reason being there direct access to the Nuclear Football !

  • Texas Belle

    Are her medical reports accurate? She has obvious problems that can’t be hidden, yet the MSM shows no inclination of pointing these out. No person in her condition should even be running for an office, much less that of President. Sooner or later she will completely melt down and it will be so apparent that even the Media can’t hide it.

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