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The following CRN readers aced our quiz last week and we send a big Congratulations to all of these patriots:

Anita, Charlie, Wane, BOB WINSLOW, Dee, lola, Jim Dukes, JDThompson, Gerhard Koehlinger, mgdlite77, Patricia, Clete, Don Bailey, Marsha, Al M, John eastman, Mark, Frank F, c, LeRoy, BASIL PRICE, henry, Fred Williams, Tarzan, Janie, phillip, David Fisher, JB Smoak, Ed, Susan, Gotdon, Susan, and finally Ronald Reagan.

CRN News Quiz August 8-August 12 2016


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  • Richard Bagenstose

    well i ain’t a republican or a democrat , i ain’t a liberal or a conservative , i’m a common sense kind of guy , witch seems to be ,missing in d.c. todays , but i know this i am sick and tired of watching these criminals screw us over day in and day out , i could care less if they dropped an atomic bomb on d.c. today , and get rid of all the crooks, i love my country , but not these freaks running it into the ground for there own greedy perposes

    • Curtis Jones Jr

      Well said, I think most Americans would agree with you. Congress and obumer do not care what we think.

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