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NBC poll: Only 11 percent believe Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy


According to a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll, a scant 11 percent of voters believe that Hillary Clinton is “honest and trustworthy.” From Breitbart:

Clinton is leading Trump by six points when third party candidates are included and nine points in a head to head contest.

When asked to choose a statement about Clinton, 42 percent said that she has the “personality and temperament to serve” but earned low numbers for her values.

Sixteen percent believe that Trump is honest and trustworthy and only 17 percent believe he has the personality and temperament to serve as president.


As you can see in the above graphic, 52 percent of voters don’t think any of the positive attributes listed describe Clinton. To be fair, 64 percent of voters said the same about Donald Trump — but he beats Clinton in the categories of “shares your values” and “honest and trustworthy,” 23 to 20 percent and 16 to 11 percent, respectively.

Makes you wonder how many people will choose to vote third party come November.


    She has all these bad attributes, and the Sheeple will still vote for her. There is no way on God’s green earth can I vote for such a sorry piece of humanity. It will take a lot out of me just to cast my vote for Trump, I don’t care for him, but I care a lot less for the Killery person. So he will get my vote…..

  • Richard Bagenstose

    why would you vote for someone you don’t trust , i wouldn’t

  • DonnaLC

    They conveniently left out that in response to the question “has the personality and temperament to serve effectively as President” Clinton received 42% to Trump’s 17%. Isn’t it interesting how cherry-picking facts works? And, it is also interesting to me that people don’t bother to check what they are told.

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