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Cartoon – Puppet


Bill Clinton denies an inappropriate relationship . . . and its just as believable this time as the last one. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • jeannemartin

    Our country could be happily restored and “born again” once Obama is gone and Hillary is NOT his replacemsnt!! 🇺🇸

    • Obama has been a great president and most Americans agree with that. That’s why his approval rating is through the roof. It’s a shame you bigots never got past his skin color.

      • Antone Barlucci

        Skin color has nothing to do with incompetency. You need to do thorough due-diligence. The REAL number of unemployment is closer to 20+%, why? Because the current administration doesn’t include the approximate 90 million Americans who have stopped looking for work. The so-called approval rating is among those who have benefited from the free stuff that the rest of us have to fund with our tax dollars. There is nothing bigoted about looking at the real problem, reverse bigotry, which is what you are living with. Color isn’t the issue, but rose colored glasses is the real color issue you’re looking at. There is so much ammunition in your post to counter, but as you can see, just the one iota addressing that i did here doesn’t begin to even scratch the surface of your real problem…..and ‘No2Guns’, do you know what your real problem is? You are among the many Blind-Lemming-Liberals that believe that the Emperor Who Has No Clues still walks on water.

        By the way….stronger gun laws don’t stop criminals who break those laws, it only restricts honest law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

        • You’re a blind lemming:

          1 guns don’t provide protection. Gun owners are four times more likely to die by gunshot.
          2 the recent mass shooters were native born citizens with legally obtained guns and no criminal record. They resemble you. How can I trust you with a gun?
          3 Obama is the most popular president since Reagan and is still wildly popular here and abroad. I’m sorry this bothers you. Not my issue.

          Keep drinking that rightwing Kool-Aid. You’re going to lose badly in November.

        • What free stuff? Name one thing I’ve gotten for free from the government.

          I’ll wait.

          You can’t.

          You’re a brainwashed rightwing moron who repeats garbage you’ve read on Breitbart. Grow a brain.

        • Ironically, it’s the conservatives (red states) who get most of the federal aid. I wish you red states would have your Civil war you’ve been threatening. We won’t fight to keep you in the Union. You can kiss all that free stuff (federal aid) goodbye. How will Louisiana survive without the blue state’s support?

        • In my ideal world nobody would have guns, and that includes police. Nobody needs a gun. They don’t provide protection and we have better ways to gather food.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    first you need to fix all the damage the fagit in the white house has done , and the best way to do it is to repeal and replace every executive order and ass hole who he appointed , like pelosi said years ago drain the swamp , witch never happened because democrats are a bunch of lying bastards , good at making slogans bad at keeping there word

  • John T. Koszalka

    Let’s face it Evil is on a rampage in our country. Lets all look at what the 52% put in office not 4 years, but 8 years. The King, and Queen of lies plus in the background hugging the Clinton Foundatioin;s cash regester King Emeritus of lies Bill Clinton. I wonder, does that 52% belong to that “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE GROUP” or have they had a wake up call after looking in the mirror, and say? WHAT HAVE I DONE? This president has shown himself very clearly that he don’t give a dam for anything but serving himself.
    70,000 people in Louisanna need a leader that cares

  • ♞Tiredofit123✓ᵒʰʸᵉᵃʰ

    Obama has been a weak laughingstock of a leader, and Hillary seems determined to run for office for no other reason than her ego–her health and odd behavior is an erratic concern. We’ve had Clintons in national politics since 1992 and Soros pulling the strings longer than that, both just need to leave and go into retirement homes so we can move on.

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