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Cartoon – Can’t Get Up


While the media runs interference, Hillary’s health rumors continue to swirl.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Jerry

    If Hillary is elected, God help us, it will be the final blow to the United States. We will become the Socialist Republic of America instead. She is, and there has been no doubt left about it, the most corrupt politician to ever run for the office of our country. It has followed her from the State House to the White House and beyond. She believes she is exempt from responsibility in everything she has done and continues to do. To place someone like her in the highest office in the world is beyond comprehension. It just doesn’t get any worse than her. She hugs every black, hispanic, muslim, she can get her arms around while making promises she never intends to keep. The Democratic Party has had a mesmeric hold on the black voters for ages by just making promises and they have done nothing to help the poor, the blacks, the hispanics and has destroyed our economy and world peace. She has no qualms about lying over and over again, and placing blame on someone else. What a witch.

  • georgewrentmore

    DUE to her “carelessness” the HBEAST can’t get cleared for secret documents

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