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Trump reaffirms plans for physical border wall


gop-2016-trumpFollowing reports that he may be softening his controversial immigration stance, Donald Trump reaffirmed Tuesday his plans to build a physical border wall between the United States and Mexico, “and much more”:

Jason Miller, senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign, shored up the tweet:

“What you’ve seen with Mr. Trump is he’s been remarkably consistent in his pledge to end illegal immigration,” Miller said. “We’re going to build the wall, we’re going to secure our borders, we’re going to enforce our immigration laws. We’re going to end sanctuary cities. We’re going to pass e-Verify and uphold the Constitution. That’s going to make a big difference in this country.”

“There will be a typical wall. There will be a physical wall on the Mexican border. As we know, Mexico’s gonna pay for it,” Miller added.

Trump’s tweet was undoubtedly in response to a Monday report that he “may be shifting to building more of a ‘virtual wall’ on the border.” While such a shift could potentially gain him more ground among moderates, it would likely hurt him among the very voters who carried him to the nomination.

  • ClarenceDeBarrows

    If Trump says it, he’ll do it!


    I’m a Trump Supporter but when Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 94 that treaty must have had some impact on the building of a wall between the US and Mexico as we were treaty bound to do business with them and Canada. Many of their trucks started crossing the Texas border coming North and their drivers were excluded from meeting various vehicle safety requirements that we impose on our own truckers. I don’t know if any of Trump’s people have pointed this fact out to him ! These international treaty’s usually have bailout clauses but they usually require approval by all signatories of the treaty. Trump has said that he will modify certain requirements of the T.P.P. if Obama and Congress approve it during the coming Lame Duck period. Again he doesn’t have the power to make changes to international agreements without the approval of all signatories. If Trump wins in November, I have no doubt that the Obama Administration and Congress will do their best to rush this approval through just to muddy the waters for a Trump Administration !

    • ourzoo10

      A wall will not, unfortunately, stop NAFTA..as, trucks pass on roadways, not cross country.

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