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CNN network censors cop hero’s pro-Trump shirt


Need more proof that the mainstream media is actively campaigning against Donald Trump? On Wednesday, CNN’s Headline News network censored the pro-Trump t-shirt of a New Jersey cop during a rerun of his interview about rescuing a baby from a hot car:

Sara Mazzone, 30, spotted a four-month-old girl in the car of a Kohl’s parking lot in New Jersey on Monday and screamed, alarming Steve Eckel as he was walking in the other direction, according to the New York Daily NewsAfter calling 911, Eckel used a sledgehammer to bust open a window and rescue the baby.

During an initial HLN interview about his deed, Eckel, a retired New Jersey police officer, donned a blue T-shirt saying, “2016 Trump for President.” However, in a rerun of the interview an hour later, according to the Daily Caller, his shirt was blurred out.

HLN has addressed the controversy, saying that the censorship “was done in error.” However, HLN is the very same network that recently canceled the “Dr. Drew” show after Dr. Drew Pinsky publicly questioned the health of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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