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Journalist admits: If media focus is on Clinton, ‘she loses’ the race


Hillary Clinton is a deeply flawed and unpopular presidential candidate, but liberals would rather put Kim Jong-Un in the White House than Donald Trump. That being said, ABC’s chief political analyst Matthew Dowd finally admitted why the media is protecting Clinton and focusing all of their ire on Trump: if the narrative “becomes about her, she loses this race”:

She has disappeared basically off the campaign trail,” he began. “She hasn’t held a press conference in nine months. Almost as if you put her face on a milk carton to find her these days, in the course of this race.”

Dowd pressed for Clinton’s need to do a press conference and clear the air before the debates began:

“I think she needs to go out and start confronting the press,” he began, before Stephanopoulos jumped in.

STEPHANOPOULOS: To own the agenda.

DOWD: And basically turn this around again and turn it back on Donald Trump.

“If it becomes about her, she loses this race,” Dowd admitted.

In other words, Clinton isn’t fit to be president — and everyone knows it.


    Maybe those previous stories concerning her possible physical and mental problems had some basis in fact ! I know that anybody who would even consider voting for her would have to have a loose screw !

    • Robert

      I do totally agree with you about Clinton, she is a dangerous person, I do not think much more of Trump, but This will be the first time since 1955 that I will not vote, I will not be involved in putting either one in the White House, and according to the people I talk to I am not the only one who will not be voting.

      • RLTMLT

        Robert, many people have a problem with not voting even when there is no acceptable candidates or issues on the ballot. I personally have no problem with not voting, actually some people over the years have suggested that a NO VOTE choice be placed on ballots as a way to measure how many voters are rejecting all the candidates that the system has chosen ! I can see no reason for not having this option as ballots have long had Straight Party Options on them where the voter is casting a single vote for a group of individuals from a specific party, most the voter didn’t even know existed previously ! Trump is definitely a different cat than most of us are use to but, given the current state of our country, many are voting for him out of sheer desperation as they are quite aware of what the Clintons and the Democrat Neoliberals stand for after 25 years of bad experiences !


          It has become a crime to be Christian, Catholic or Hebrew.
          We cannot voice opposition without being persecuted.
          We cannot stand up for American values without being shunned.
          We cannot defend against the burning of our own flag.
          We cannot have our children recite the pledge of allegiance.
          We cannot rely on SCOTUS to make a bias decision in favor of saving America.
          We are being pushed to accept shariah law in a country that FORBIDS it.
          We (Clinton/Obama) have given MILLIONS (billions) to radical islamic organizations that are hell bent on killing us for the simple fact that they believe we are lower than dog crAp because we don’t worship a murdering/child molesting prophet.

          Where are all the “moderate Islamists” we keep hearing about? Why are they not coming forward? Why are they not joining forces to denounce this rampage?

          You still (at this point in time) have the right and privilege to cast a vote. I think Americans (the majority of them) are smart enough to realize just what the hell happened when they voted a muslim into office, not only once, but twice. His political cabinet is STACKED with muslims.

          Americans, unlike other nations, will not stand for the corruption any longer. Unfortunately, if it happens by hook and crook that “she” gets elected, it will turn VERY ugly, VERY fast. We already have entire cities taken over by radical islamists. Local governments infiltrated. Our senate and congress are quickly becoming unrecognizable. Along with our laws that are being raped. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are one the verge of being destroyed. And for what? So we can have a NWO and be ruled by foreign entities? So that the Clinton’s sit atop as dictators, barking socialist orders given to them from the UN!? Or worse yet, the EU or the middle east!?

          Folks, it’s time to either put up or shut up!! Stand up for what is left of America and rebuild her, or, fall on bent knee to worship the “New World Order Regime”!!

          Well, since I don’t like socialists/radical islam/anti Christs, and I have terrible knees, I chose to make a stand. Maybe I will be the last man standing, but I refuse to go from being a free ruled citizen to a Demoncratically ruled subject!

          Just my thoughts. Everyone has different. You decide, freedom or oppression!


    She admitted to Jake Tapper that she is an “expert” when it comes to confidential/secret/top secret dealings. Then why did she lie about not understanding what the “C” (confidential) meant on emails??

    Some people say they are not going to vote. Some people say that they will chose the lesser of two evils. Some will vote for Clinton for the simple fact that she is a woman with NO real accomplishments or talent (other than fund raising and taking bribes, pay to play)

    Her track record is atrocious at best. A failed first lady. A failed two time NY senator that didn’t bring anything to the table. And, a worse than imagined Sec of state.

    Our nation is being pushed to extinction by the progressive (socialist) left. They want more taxes, open borders, hundreds of thousands of MORE so called muslim refugee’s (demoncrat voters), millions more illegal aliens (more demoncrat voters), and they will STILL suppress the black Americans in order to get their voting base up!

    I’m sorry, although Trump may not be a politician, may not have/possess the “temperament” some say he should, I cannot in my heart vote for her, or not vote at all. If things do not change this election cycle, they will NEVER be saved for future generations. Our nation as a whole is in peril.

  • Jjr74

    She has been caught red-handed LYING to the FBI!

    She said she did not receive any training on handling classified information. Her signed contract acknowledging she did has been released.

    So either:

    1. She knowingly lied to cover her buttocks
    2. She is suffering brain damage from her Traumatic Brain Injury with blood clot complications
    3. Dotage is setting in

    Any of these three reasons DISQUALIFIES this lying, incompetent, corrupt, former first lady from being president of the United States!

    The guarantee of a free press has never been so infringed upon. Free press? This article demonstrates there is acknowledgment it no longer exists. The press should be all over this termagant but instead they protect her and demonize Mr. Trump.

    Lenin is cackling and doing the baryanya on his grave.

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