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Cartoon – Brain Freeze


Could Hillary’selective memory problems haunt her if she’s elected President?  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Richard Bagenstose

    with her criminal past . i just can’t understand how anyone can vote for her,, i know she has gotten away with murder , embezalment , and black mail, she has no record to run on except corruption , so why is she even in the race , who bought her that new 747 , don’t worry we will if she gets elected

    • believe

      There are a lot of ignorance when it come to some people,they vote for the Party not the person, and most of them are the lower class of people.NOT to BRIGHT.
      Why do you think Barack was put in the roll of a DEMOCRAT? They are followers NOT looking for INTEGRITY, OR A PERSON OF GOOD CHARACTER.

  • Bob

    The Holy Bible says that, “Satan is a Liar and the Father of all Lies.” Therefore, Hillary Clinton must be Satan’s Sister, since she is know to be the World’s Biggest Liar!

    “Bob O”

  • Bob

    Hillary Clinton’s entire Brain has Short-Circuited! Next in order, She will Blow all Her FUSES!
    “Bob O’

  • believe

    Wait until TRUMP starts asking her questions.They will have her so medicated she will lose it when has to speak at the debates.

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