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CNN poll: Trump leading among likely voters


Donald Trump speaks during the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Nashville, TennesseeWe’ve now entered the phase of the election season when the major polling outfits shift to polling likely voters — and according to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton inside the margin of error by two points:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton start the race to November 8 on essentially even ground, with Trump edging Clinton by a scant two points among likely voters, and the contest sparking sharp divisions along demographic lines in a new CNN/ORC Poll.

Trump tops Clinton 45% to 43% in the new survey, with Libertarian Gary Johnson standing at 7% among likely voters in this poll and the Green Party’s Jill Stein at just 2%.

The topsy-turvy campaign for the presidency has seen both Clinton and Trump holding a significant lead at some point in the last two months, though Clinton has topped Trump more often than not. Most recently, Clinton’s convention propelled her to an 8-point lead among registered voters in an early-August CNN/ORC Poll. Clinton’s lead has largely evaporated despite a challenging month for Trump, which saw an overhaul of his campaign staff, announcements of support for Clinton from several high-profile Republicans and criticism of his campaign strategy.

As we all know, registered voters and likely voters are two very different things; and it seems those most likely to vote are aboard the Trump Train.

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