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2016 press conference minutes count: Trump 278, Clinton 38


Hillary Clinton held her first press conferences of the entire year this week. That being said, it should come as no surprise that the amount of time she’s spent answering to the media absolutely pales in comparison to the time Donald Trump has logged:

By the Washington Examiner‘s count, Trump has taken questions from reporters at least 10 times since January, often at the end of a speech. Trump’s Q&A time in front of the press totals 4 hours and 38 minutes this year.

That’s a little more than seven times Clinton’s time in front of the press corps. Her three press conferences this week clocked in at a combined 38 minutes.

Furthermore, Clinton’s press conferences haven’t been conducive to lengthy questioning:

For example, two of Clinton’s press events were held in-flight on her campaign airplane, and one of those ended early after she suffered a coughing fit. Her third event, held on the ground, was organized at the last-minute for Thursday, in what many said was an attempt to let her respond to an NBC forum Wednesday night in which Trump had the last word.

Clinton only wants to answer to the press if and when it benefits her. And right now, that’s definitely not the case.

  • BonLovesFreedom

    A little under average at 12 1/2 minutes per press conference for a presidential candidate. But…her followers will not find anything wrong in that whatsoever. Only took her 280 days to meet the press for questions. It’s a wonder she was capable of making it through almost 13 minutes with her health problems regularly assaulting her.
    Vote Trump!

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