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Cartoon: Trump Ready For Hillary?


Fingernails on a blackboard is a perfect stand in for Hillary as debate prep. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • IronPhoenix

    Not a valid preparation. The chalkboard is smarter & listens better. It’s also more aware of security in addition to being more ethical. It’s also not a criminal.

  • IronPhoenix

    Isn’t Parkinson’s a disqualifier for nuclear codes? If not, it should be… She shows the symptoms. We the People demand medical information. HIPAA not applicable, as we have the right to know what seeks the White House.

    • MarcoVet

      What about Trump’s heart condition with being the oldest President if elected? Would you argue that Reagan was a bad or ineffective president due to his neurological degeneration? I think not.

      Hillary and Trump have health concerns – exactly why we have an elected Vice President.

      Hillary has enough real negatives to hit.

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