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Chelsea Clinton can’t comprehend why anyone thinks her mom is untrustworthy


Appearing Friday on “The View,” Chelsea Clinton proclaimed that “it doesn’t make sense” to her why a whopping 67 percent of people consider her mother, Hillary Clinton, to be untrustworthy:

Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host of the left-leaning, all-woman talk show whose panelists are friendly with the Democratic presidential nominee, asked Chelsea Clinton about the critique of her mother being dishonest made “by lots of people who don’t know her or have not met her.”

“Well, it doesn’t make sense to me,” Chelsea said. “It’s probably not such a surprise. With my husband, there’s no one I trust more than my mom.”

She relayed that if something were to happen to her and her husband, then Hillary would take care of her children. The crowd applauded.

“I’ve heard these attacks for so long, and my mom just keeps pushing for and fighting for and standing up for what she fundamentally believes, that until every child in our country has the right to live up to his or her God-given potential, our work is not yet done,” she said.

Is Chelsea aware that most Americans don’t base their opinions of politicians on whether or not they’re good grandparents?

  • Clete Tacker

    The fruit doesn’t fall far from the fruitcake.

  • Barbara Mannisi

    She’s not paying attention to what her mother has said. She’s pretty much told us she’s not trustworthy. In addition, her mom has also suggested that she has poor judgement and forgets a lot.

  • Anvil6

    Well, ‘Shells – that’s what I call ALL “Chelseas” when we’re about to have a friendly chat – let me try help you understand:
    1. After the attacks at Benghazi your Mom emailed you that it was a terrorist attack by elements of Al Qaida, THEN she told the American people that was a spontaneous attack due outrage about an internet video.
    2. She said ALL her work-related emails were turned over to State – and the FBI subsequently found that HUNDREDS of her work related emails archived in the RECIPIENTS files had NOT be turned over to State.
    3. She said she neither sent nor received material marked “classified” over her private email server – but the FBI found HUNDREDS of classified (some VERY HIGHLY classified) messages she had both sent and received.
    4. She said “we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” – which is a pretty clear and unambiguous statement – THEN she said that she “misspoke”.
    5. Ironically her boss in the Watergate investigation FIRED her from the investigative team for “ethical issues”.
    6. She, your Dad and the McDougal’s were involved in shady loan practices in the Whitewater Land Scandal in Arkansas.
    7. ASK her HOW she always “won” in the cattle futures trading market – that’s NOT how that game works!
    8. Do you remember leaving the White House “Dead Broke” when your Dad’s term as President ended? That’s what your Mom said, then they moved in to the estate in Chappaqua.
    9. ASK her about Juanita Broderick.
    10. Ask her how many times she TRASHED the reputations of your Dad’s alleged ‘lovers’.
    11. ASK her WHY the statement that “all victims of rape should be believed” was removed.
    12. Finally, ask YOURSELF if anyone who has been caught so many times authoring untruths SHOULD be trusted. EVER?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well chelsea , it kind a goes this way your working for the clinton foundation a none profit, and the way i hear , your getting a million dollars a year from it , sounds pretty profitable to me , you take in billions and pay out a few million , while saying it cost 8 times more to run it then you actualy pay out to help people , sounds like a scam to me, maybe you should go ask your real father about it , seeing how i hear bill is not your real father

  • luvzforplay

    Do you think maybe Chelsea is the Princess of a multi million criminal empire ! If I’m not mistaken Old Mom had her real father killed ! What a family !!

  • stevewinfield

    She was brainwashed from birth.

  • Alice House

    They hate your mother chelsea because she and your father are lying, cheating hypocrites–kind of like the idiot in charge now. You not understanding shows you graduated from stanfords diversity program, usually this is completed by enrollment–and you did it all in only 4 years!

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