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Cartoon: Deplorable Me


Hillary calls millions of Americans “deplorable” and makes millions of #neverhillary supporters overnight. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Barbara Mannisi

    Love this cartoon!

  • luvzforplay

    The amazing thing is that even with all of Hillarys lies, the fact that she let 4 of our people die in Benghazi because she didn’t want to get her a$$ out of bed to help , the play for pay fraud of her “organization” The fact that she has several mental problems that she refuses to make public . The trail of deaths and intimidation her and “slick willey” , her sending secret and above messages of our country’s secrets causing at least one death of our spy’s and a number of them not being able to work again , that there are still people in our country that are stupid enough to vote for her ! I realize most don’t care about anything but her being a woman (if you can call her that ) this woman will possibly bring about the demise of the United States of America ! There will be a President that is a woman , but God help us , that it isn’t Hillary !

  • Duane A. Fisher

    I would Love to see this on a T-Shirt!

  • Alice House

    Hiliary is so ugly billie has to pull the sheets over her so sleepy can creep up on her!

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