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CRN News Quiz Sept. 12-Sept. 16 2016


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  • Don Harper

    Very disappointed in John Kasich in reneging on his vow to back whoever won the GOP nomination. He has turned out to be the Establishment Man that I had hoped he wasnt.He and Romney should be booted from the party. Their childish ego is saying that they support the Democrats. Do they not realize that if Hillary wins, the Supreme Court is liberalized for a generation and tjis nation will become a socialist state? I voted for Kasich in the primary and Romney in his time. That was a big disappointment and mistake.

    • E.T.

      One can look at Kasich and know he is pure sleaze, even when he was in the house I could not stand to even look at him.
      As for Romney ? Probably the most disappointing and wasted vote I ever made for anyone.
      Perhaps both of these pukes are looking for cabinet posts or ambassadorships that Hitlery is currently auctioning off.
      Guess what boys, it will be wasted money, because she is going to lose big time. So why do not the both of you make yourselves a crap sandwich and then take a big bite out of it.

    • ClarenceDeBarrows

      They’re died in the wool politicians. Why the surprise?


    In the above CRN News Quiz I couldn’t believe that Celebrities like Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg & Miley Cyrus would have “threatened” to Leave the country, I’ve got an extended list of Democrats that I would love to see take the same action !

    • E.T.

      Burma/ Myanmar, certainly would be a very favourable relocation for the above mentioned subhuman sleaze. I am certain the Buddahist monks would gladly place them with the Rohinga !

  • Don Harper

    Trump will prove them both very wrong.

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