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Watch a bunch of celebrities beg you to vote for Hillary Clinton


It’s no secret that Hollywood is uber-liberal. Drawing on that star power, Save the Day PAC has put together a video depicting “a sh*t ton of famous people” begging Americans to register and vote for Hillary Clinton. As you’ll see below, none of them explicitly say “vote for Hillary Clinton” — they never even once say her name. However, the anti-Donald Trump rhetoric is loud and clear.

Bizarrely, noted Republican actor Jon Voigt — who publicly endorsed Trump earlier this year — also appears in the video. Maybe his presence is some sort of meta-commentary on how rare conservative celebrities are.

Watch the video below — it’s actually pretty funny despite the mind-numbing liberal bias.

  • elkhunt


  • Like Obama begging Blacks to vote Hillary.. They make me sick to the core..

  • GlobalThinkTank

    Your conscience can’t be taken in by false appeals of celebrity endorsements to go against your better, good judgement to vote against Hillary Clinton; even if you don’t vote for Trump, your conscience tells you that voting for Hillary is a vote against your moral integrity of common sense.

    A vote for Hillary a wasted and dangerous vote; her lack of honestly, integrity, and continued denial of accountability of her actions proves it.

    A vote for Hillary is an unconscionable vote out of spite for a lack of ration, logic and reason… it is a vote no better than voting for Bernie Madoff or the the CEO of Well Fargo; they are only concerned about the size of their bank accounts at the expense of their clients, customers, and in Hillary’s case, her misguided or misled constituents.

    I am not saying a vote for Trump is the only way, but it is the only way to steer clear of the ‘status quo;’ of challenging the broken system that has plagued our government for nearly 25 years now… it is time we take a stand and break away from this cronyism that is crippling the real progress our nation deserves — we will not get it with Hillary — vote your conscience, and vote to remove the ‘Status Quo’ of cronyism and corruption — of agencies bought and paid for to hide, deny, and refuse to do their sworn jobs of investigation and indictment of criminal charges that so many in our government violate and get away with… this is not government that is consolable or tolerable in a leading Western Nation — it is no better than the old Soviet era or present Chinese government of Authoritarianism and strict Socialism… leading to a form of a Dictatorship of Fascism.

  • KayO

    Snicker. Their entire careers hinge on speaking lines that someone else wrote. They pretend for a living.

  • OldKoreanwarvet

    So the people that spend their entire life being someone else, telling some factious story, (all faulted by design) are telling the rest of us who to vote for. Unbelievable.Garbage in garbage out!

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Is this “The SAG for the Hag” group?


    • RLTMLT

      More appropriately, “GAG (a.k.a. Gay Actors Guild) for the Hag” !


    I wonder how many of us would have had our post pulled if we had used the language and sexual innuendoes these people casually tossed about. In general, our society has not profited from the social norms that Hollywood has promoted to our children, yet we ignore the fact that the divorce rate has remained above 50% for several decades and one out of four children are being raised in a single parent environment ! The hand that once rocked the cradle is now fully committed to building a personal business career !

  • Tia

    These people are FUNNY. Who said they were famous other than themselves? I did ‘not recognize half of them. They speak about things that they know NOTHING about because they are the Hollywood dead heads. Please why would I listen to a bunch of people who pretend to be someone else for a living. What do they know of the “REAL” world? Not much. They recite words written by someone else all the time and it seems they did more of that in this adv.

  • doug

    These Hollywood millionaires , will stoop to all lows to endorse this criminal, what a disgrace!

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