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Cartoon – Fantasyland


Liberals can get away with labeling anything what they want to fit their narratives. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Richard Bagenstose

    why not give them what they want , they are the ones that will suffer , terrorists don’t attack the suburbs , all you have in the cities these days are illegals , gangs and drug dealers , every one else in on welfare , so it’s no grate lose , mlk had a dream , now it’s a living nightmare , and i will not feel sorry for anyone who resists arrest , you haven’t learned how to deal with cops that’s your problem , you can thank the terrorists that assasinated the cops the last couple months , now even black cops don’t trust blacks , you created it , now suffer with it , peaceful protests are one thing rioting and looting and beating people is a criminal act and you deserve to be treated as such , keep it up till we have another seen like we did in the 60’s on the college campus, where college kids were killed , or another wayco or rubie ridge , all your violence will get you is dead

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      In 2017 Violence should not exist. Just redefine it like they have done so many other words

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