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Ted Cruz backs Donald Trump


Former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced Friday that he will vote for Donald Trump on Election Day:

“After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

I’ve made this decision for two reasons. First, last year, I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word.

Second, even though I have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee, by any measure Hillary Clinton is wholly unacceptable — that’s why I have always been #NeverHillary.”

Read his full statement here:


    I suspect that Cruz prayed that he would never have to do this ! A political analyst hit the nail on the head a few days ago when she said that he had no choice but to embrace trump or lose any future financial and political support from the Republican party ! If individuals want to base their life on Christian Principles I have no complaint but politicians who are also Christians should consider the possibility that God probably uses the “No room at the Inn” excuse and sends them all to the other place when they come knocking on his door !

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