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Cartoon: A Thug’s Life


Evil billionaire George Soros can create a lot of social havoc by subsidizing rioters in Charlotte.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Richard Bagenstose

    well you idiots better keep it in the cities , i could care less how many blacks die because of your stupidity ,, if this country is so unfare , why aren’t orientals out there protesting , like you are doing , and what is really stupid your protesting over criminals that asked for what they got , if you want to support a criminal , that makes you a criminal , just like the freak in the white house , he supports islam so that makes him islamic , what’s worse is he is a terrorist on top of it


    richard i agree with you completely if these puke scum have it so bad then go back to africa and get the hell out of my country.

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