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Clinton collapses


Hillary Clinton’s national lead over Donald Trump is no more. According to the latest Bloomberg Politics poll, the two candidates are tied in a dead heat heading into Monday night’s first presidential debate:

The Bloomberg Politics poll says Trump and Clinton are each supported by 46 percent of likely voters in a two-way race. In August, Clinton had a 6-point edge over Trump, and in June, Clinton had a comfortable 12-point lead.

In a four-person race, the Trump [sic] now leads Clinton 43-41, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson gets 8 percent and Green Party nominee Jill Stein gets 4 percent.

Pollster Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey, speculated that Trump’s rise could be a sign that Clinton’s support among women and young voters is wavering.

The fact that Trump leads Clinton when third-party candidates are included is yet more proof that Trump should send Johnson flowers.


    It will hopefully go up again after tonight. Mr. trump, be respectful, but do NOT take direct hits without firing back. That was Romney’s mistake. He turned into a puss….

  • tnetcenter

    The polls are bogus always have been! This is the lead up to the greatest show on Earth – the debate tonight and the election in November! Dems haven’t got a prayer – at least NOT FOR THEM!

    • RLTMLT

      Hope your right, the Obama administration has brought us to a nuclear standoff with Russia just before he leaves office, Trump has previously expressed a desire to sit down with Putin and negotiate a peaceful and profitable future for the planet’s population. That’s what qualified leaders are supposed to do. There’s a lot of Republicans who no longer support the Neocon concept of endless war, negotiating peace is no longer exclusively a Liberal issue when the survival of all life on this planet is at stake !

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      This is just the Best most expensive show on the Midway. Financial experts are predicting a major bubble burst. If she wins she and Obama take it for The massive monetary Fall. If Trump wins they can shift the entire blame to him. He is not in control so any damage the predict for him is just that A PREDICTON

    • Chas Brown

      I totally agree.


    I met Trump a few years back at one of his Atlantic City Casinos. My wife actual bumped into him coming out of the casino’s eatery ! An average guy who freely carried on a conversation with someone he had never met before. No doubt he is capable of becoming aggressive when the situation requires it, a necessary response for an independent business owner who has to think on his feet. Given the fact that he will be under assault by a seasoned and unrestrained liar like Clinton who thought nothing of trashing her own fellow party members and an attack dog Liberal media that has thrown objectivity out the window in this election, no doubt he should restrain his use of gotchas as there are more than enough legitiment issues to take her to task over !

    • vesey

      except that most previous candidates had one thing trump and hillary lacks…..character…..we are in trouble no matter which of these two billionaire democrats win……

      • RLTMLT

        Elected officials with character in this country ? Your expecting way too much !

  • vesey

    this is the first election in my 70 year lifetime that it does’nt matter who wins because America loses no matter what the outcome…..

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