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Woman who ran private, unsecure server says she’s ‘deeply concerned’ about cyber attacks


Hillary Clinton, the very same person who sent classified intel over a private, unsecure email server and who apparently didn’t know that “C” stands for “classified,” said during Monday night’s presidential debate at Hofstra University that she’s “deeply concerned” about cyber attacks, particularly from Russia:

“Clearly at this point we face two different kinds of adversaries. There are the independent hacking groups that do it mostly for commercial reasons to try and steal information which they can use to make money. But increasingly we are seeing cyber attacks coming from states, organs of states, the most recent and troubling of these has been Russia. There’s no doubt now Russia has used cyber attacks against all kinds of organizations in our country,” Clinton said.” I am deeply concerned about this.”

Again: Hillary Clinton, who sent classified federal government intel over an unauthorized, unsecure, private email server is “deeply concerned” about cyber attacks, particularly from Russia. Is that because Russians, in fact, attempted to hack her private, unsecure server?

Don’t worry, Hillary — you’ll always have your trusty friend BleachBit.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    so why is it we are just hearing about how oboma was communicating with hillary using a phony name m what else are they hiding , and what good is a college education if there ain’t no jobs to go to after you graduate, they tried that with the taking over of student loans witch in now 2 trillion in the whole from bad student loans

    • RLTMLT

      The college scam has been going on for over fifty years, it’s wrecked our public education system by converting it into a college preparatory school that no longer provides a vocational curriculum for the 75% of today’s high school graduates who lack the massive funding to enroll in college and the supporting living expenses required to pursue a college degree over a four year period. The high cost of succeeding in an increasingly evolving Class Divided society where a rapidly growing group of desperate citizens can no longer take advantage of the living wage manufacturing jobs that were abundant a mere three decades ago. We remain in a race to the bottom today and those jobs that require a college degrees are now being farmed out to low wage foreign professionals who can provide their services over the Internet at a greatly reduced cost. To make things worse, our own government is providing H1B Visas to foreign professionals who are coming here and taking many of the professional level jobs at a reduced salary, jobs that young American College students were hoping to get, if for no other reason than just to pay off their enormous educational debt ! Welcome to the race to the bottom and a looming 3rd World America !

  • jug

    Good question about obutthole communicating with her!
    And he claimed he didnt know about her server!

    Hell yes, he had to know that it wasnt a .gov address!
    Both lying sacks of shjt!

    And then Trump was too rattled to bring that up!
    Or the crooked Clinton Foundation, and that “feminist” Hillary accepts money from countries that wont let women drive and stone female rape victims to death!

  • Bob

    My God! If just one of the “Liberal Ass-Holes” ever tell the truth, the Sky will Fall In!
    “Bob O”

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