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Earth to Hillary: Murder rates are up, not down


Hillary Clinton says she believe in community policing. At the first Presidential debate she defended the practice in major cities by claiming “crime has continued to drop, including murders.”

First, violent crime in major cities is not on the decline and second, she immediately discusses limiting community control over policing, no.

Here is the real Clinton fact check.

The FBI 2015 violent crime analysis actually says that “In 2015, the estimated number of murders in the nation was 15,696. This was a 10.8 percent increase from the 2014 estimate, a 7.1 percent increase from the 2011 figure.” While Clinton lead the audience to believe violent crime was decreasing, in reality the worst kinds are still on the rise.

Clintons misguidance on violent crime is much worse than just that though, in 2016 the problem will only grow with major cities still being neglected.

The Brennan Center for Justice analyzed current violent crime trends predict a 13.1 percent rise this year in murders, leading to a projected 31.5 percent increase from 2014 to 2016. The center writes that half of the additional murders taking place can be attributed to Baltimore, Chicago, and Houston.

Half of the total violent crime increases is driven by just two cities, Los Angeles and Chicago, writing “Based on this data, the authors conclude there is no evidence of a national murder wave, yet increases in these select cities are indeed a serious problem.”

Clinton is correct, community policing is a necessity. Yet her and the Obama administration have removed all power from local police to the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department and transformed a problem for individual cities into a national epidemic which a national solution cannot cure.

After describing the misleading statistics on crime reduction Clinton attacks police for perpetuating racially based policing and makes claims of systematic racism in the criminal justice system. Her answer? Remove power from the communities she claimed would be so effective at reducing crime.

President Obama has already begun this process through sue and settle lawsuits and consent decrees President Obama has allowed federal authority to take over major police departments across the country is places like Miami, Fla., Los Angeles, Calif., Ferguson, Mo., and Chicago, Ill. These are all cities with alarmingly high and increasing murder rates. Is more federal regulation helping?

Los Angeles has been under federal review for over a year, equal to the amount of time their murder rate has been climbing steadily.

Violent crime is not only getting worse, but its worst form, murder, is becoming a normalcy in major cities throughout the country. While Clinton hails the success of local police, she also seems to be choking them of their ability to serve their own people. Once again Clinton thinks Washington bureaucrats can lead the American people better than the individuals in their own community, this time better than the individuals who took an oath to protect their own neighbors.

This is a guest post by Natalia Castro contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.
  • BonLovesFreedom

    We “deplorables” aren’t supposed to be bright enough to realize what the
    facts are or truth is. We are to simply believe it because hag hitlery
    says it. HAH!!!

    • Elaine Morris

      Proud to be a Deplorable!!

  • Elaine Morris

    LOL…Hillary knows that is a lie. She and Bill have quite a list: “The Clinton Body Bag List”; a/k/a “The Clinton Corpse List.”
    A couple of weeks ago, 4 more were added to the list. Why? They were protesting against Clinton. That was their crime!!


    If the Hilldebeast actually reported that violent crime was up, then she’d be admitting to her fair share of them. The Clinton mafia has produced more bodies than reported. And, a lot of these were supposed friends of theirs!!! Think being in their “dead pool” is bad enough? Just say something about them that is incriminating and true!

    Being “deplorable” has it’s benefits. I mean, we never have to associate with the likes of her! Now, if we could just keep her from lying and cheating and thieving her way into the WH!!! THAT would break the cycle. At least for a while.

  • Barbara Mannisi

    Well written. thank you for this article

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