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Hand signals and teleprompters: Did Hillary Clinton rig the first debate?


There’s no question that Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate; Donald Trump took all her bait, hook, line, and sinker, and moderator Lester Holt sicced the Republican nominee like a well-trained MSM attack dog.

But wait — could it have been someone other than the MSM who trained Holt? According to the latest Clinton conspiracy theory, Clinton used a hand signal to gesture to Holt whenever she wanted to get a well-placed zinger in on her opponent. Watch the compelling evidence below and decide for yourself:

As this Vox graphic unwittingly points out, Holt interrupted Trump 11 times more than he did Clinton. Could this hand signal have had something to do with that? Or does Clinton have a coke problem herself?

Here’s another theory that Clinton used a teleprompter to cheat at the debate:

What do you think about all this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Yes, it was all set up and rigged.. You know it and we know it

  • howie1347

    She knew the questions, had hand signals to Holt the moderator, Holt was told to “fact check,” she wore a wire to off camera for suggestions and had a teleprompter. How is this woman allowed to continue? See the following. It will blow your mind: http://christiantimesnewspaper.com/breaking-tens-of-thousands-of-fraudulent-clinton-votes-found-in-ohio-warehouse/


    I’ve never seen the so-called media so one sided in any previous election, and I have seen a lot of elections over the past sixty years. More like a Ministry of Propaganda than a free press. I personally think that Clinton’s people have severely underestimated Sander’s supporters and they are going to regret it on November 8. If they think Ralph Nader stole a lot of votes in 2000, just wait !

  • John T. Koszalka

    How do you deal with EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fight it with the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr, Trump go after her with the facts, you will sink her. Lets stop answering her accusations. She has nothing on you, but they will make up anything. You have to ignore the bait. They are very EVIL PEOPLE, and will stoop to anything. Don’t be like Romney, with Obama. SINK HER WITH THE FACTS, NO HOLDS BARRED.

  • doug

    Hillary was born a liar, she is a professional crook, her and Obama have already sold their souls to the devil, so America we are not dealing with humans here, we are dealing with evil, pure evil!!!voter beware, you vote for Hillary you are voting for Obama !

  • Free America

    This women is as desperate as they come and we all know desperate people are DANGEROUS, very very DANGEROUS. Wake up America!

  • Bill7360

    How can she get away with this and why isn’t it in the MSM.?

  • wellilltellya

    HAS SHE EVER done anything without cheating? NOT, even right NOW the democrat convention was proof she is all the way what AMERICA DOES NOT NEED! we have been LIED to for the last 8 years. time to clean UP Washington, NO MORE CAREER CONGRESSMEN after one term thank them for their time and get them OUT ! they seem to LOOSE track of their SWORN DUTIES !

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