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Report: 1 in 5 may not vote over hacking fears


vote here fraudCybersecurity has proven to be a real issue this election, so much so that more than 15 million voters may stay home on Election Day due to fears over elections systems hacking:

Carbon Black, a cyber security firm, released a report on Thursday after surveying 700 voters. The report found that more than half of voters (56 percent) fear the election could be affected be a cyber security attack. A slightly higher percentage of voters—58 percent—believe it’s likely that electronic voting machines could be hacked on Nov. 8. More than a one-third of voters think their information is not secure (36 percent).

One out of every five voters who believe their information is not secure may potentially stay home over their cyber security fears, which could amount to more than 15 million voters, the report says.

Additionally, the survey revealed that 28 percent of respondents believe the biggest hacking threat would come from inside the United States. Russia was implicated second with 17 percent and, perhaps most astonishingly, 15 percent said they believed the candidates themselves would hack the election.

Despite concerns over hacking, Ben Johnson, the cofounder and chief security strategist for Carbon Black, urged “every eligible voter still vote.” Indeed, if 15 million eligible voters opted not to do so, it could drastically swing the election — and likely not in Donald Trump’s favor.

  • Name

    They need to have a paper back up for the electronic vote with a finger/thumb print.

  • wellilltellya

    rigged ELECTION ? she already got BUSTED FOR THAT in the democrat convention to get as far as she is ? so why would she STOP THERE ? it worked for barry ?

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