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Shocking: Man electrocuted trying to steal Trump sign


Leftists only believe in free speech when it benefits or supports their warped ideologies, so it’s no surprise that voters’ pro-Donald Trump signs are being vandalized and stolen right off their property.

However, one Trump supporter decided to take matters into his own hands and booby-trap his sign — with electricity. Watch below as his neighbor gets a shocking surprise when he tries to steal the sign.

  • sudyrand

    The title is incorrect. The man received an electrical shock. He was not electrocuted. If he had been, we would be dead now and not able to run off afterward. And we talk about the liberals making thing up.

    • RLTMLT

      But the lying Liberals have done far more damage to our country than any home owner retaliating against a common thief and an obvious Liberal Idiot !


    I love it ! But I would have used a 10,000 volt electric fence transformer !

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