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The one reason you should watch the vice presidential debate


mike_pence_28452495210The vice presidential candidates — Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine — are set to square off in their first and only debate on Tuesday evening from Longwood University in Farmville, Va., and if you’re tempted to skip watching it, don’t. There’s one big reason you should absolutely watch the vice presidential debate, and it’s because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are old:

That is because Clinton at 68 and Trump at 70 are relatively old as major party presidential nominees. Indeed, if Trump won, he would be the oldest person to win the presidency — surpassing Ronald Reagan, who was 69 when he was elected in 1980.

This elevates the possibility that, especially if Trump or Clinton won a second term in 2020, Pence or Kaine might be required to assume the presidency upon the incumbent’s unanticipated death or incapacity. And it is for this reason that both Trump and Clinton have chosen younger running mates (Pence is 57 and Kaine is 58) with wide-ranging political experience.

In other words, there’s a better-than-slim chance that Trump or (especially) Clinton could die in office, leaving their vice president to run the show. So you better be familiar with Pence and Kaine before you cast your vote in November.

The vice presidential debate will start at 9 p.m. EST on all major television networks and cable channels. Be sure to tune in.

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    First let me correct the age of Clinton. You’ve written it as 68 years old. She is now 69 years old. Trump is 70 years old.
    The reasons why Trump is running are due to the extreme problems of our country going to the wrong direction. Trump does not run for money or power. He has enough for himself and family. But he wants to fix this country like the economy, jobs, and unemployment, the ObamaCare, the national security ad defense so eroded that it could not defend us, the illegal immigration issue, the uncontrolled national debts now at $20 trillion, the unfair taxation, corruptions at the IRS, corruptions at the VA, corruptions at almost every level of our federal government, the decline of our school system now ranks 36th among countries around the world. Now in fact considered as a 3rd world level. Our government is so large and eats most of the revenue. It spends 130 percent more than the revenue taken in. Thus budget deficit expands daily in billions of dollars.

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