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Donald Trump: I’d hire special prosecutor to investigate Hillary’s emails


If you didn’t watch the second presidential debate Sunday night, you missed one of the greatest retorts in debate history. During a testy exchange about Hillary Clinton’s shady email practices, Clinton proclaimed that it’s “awfully good” someone with the “temperament” of Donald Trump isn’t in charge of American law.

Trump’s response? “Because you’d be in jail.”

Watch the video below (with commentary from Alex Jones):

Notable aside: I wanted to use the CNBC video clip of this exchange, but they cut it off right before the crowd’s raucous response. The MSM has to protect their golden goose, after all.

  • KayO

    That would be great!

  • LCpl

    Donald Trump hit the nail on the head all of the Clintons, Obama, Loretta Lynch and the head of the FBI all need to be in Prison NOT running our Government !

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